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Jan 29

Handkerchief Through Crystals Tutorial

Posted by: Zisco

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The Effect

You hand to audience for examination, three silk handkerchiefs; one red, one white, and one blue. Next you show the two crystal cylinders, such as is used on gas jets. Have someone in audience to tie the corners of blue and white handkerchiefs together and roll them into a ball, which you place in one of the cylinders, and give to someone to hold.

You next take the red handkerchief and place it in the other cylinder, and hold one hand over each end of cylinder, and away from your body. You now command the red handkerchief to vanish, and instantly the cylinder is seen empty; hands are still covering both ends. Person holding the other cylinder removes the two handkerchiefs and unrolls them, and to their astonishment they find the red handkerchief which had disappeared from the other cylinder between the blue and white handkerchiefs, all being tied together. Very effective.



The Secret

After person has tied blue and white handkerchiefs together, you request him or her to roll handkerchiefs into a ball, rolling the white one inside of the blue one, and place ball on a plate which you hold. On returning to stage you palm duplicate ball from under your vest, and drop it on plate and palm first ball which you place under your vest.

The ball now on the plate is composed of three handkerchiefs, the blue one being on the outside of the ball. Now take one of the cylinders from table and place on plate with ball; going to someone in audience, have them place ball in cylinder and hold the palms of their hands over each end of cylinder. 

Performer returns to the stage and picks up red handkerchief and slips it through loop of "pull," which until now has been over left thumb. Now you take up the cylinder and place handkerchief in it and, holding palms of hands over each end of cylinder, you command handkerchief to vanish, at the same time raise hand a little from end of cylinder on the side which pull is, in order to allow handkerchief to slip out easy, which is drawn up your sleeve by pull, as you extend your arms a little; place cylinder on table and walk to person holding the other cylinder and have them remove ball, which they unroll and find the three handkerchiefs all tied together; red, white and blue.


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