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Dec 29

Pencil Thru Bill Trick Revealed

Posted by Peter in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp




Dec 23

Jumping Ring Tricks Revealed

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


How this exciting powerful free magic trick looks to the audience:

The magician holds a rope between his hands. There are three knots tied on it, and on the center knot is tied to a wire hanger. The magician says a magic word and FLASH, right before everyone's eyes, the hanger jumps from the center knot to the right knot!

Dec 21

Bottle Cap Levitation Revealed

Posted by Peter in Levitation , CloseUp


The effect: Explaining to your audience you are going to perform an amazing magic trick you buy or borrow a bottle of unopened drink and remove the bottle cap. You hand out for total examination. This poves to your spectators it is totally unprepared in any way.

Holding the bottle cap in your hands you give it a spin and amazingly it HOVERS in mid air in front of you. You can make it hover from one hand to the other and even rise up and down. Your spectators are baffled! It seems you have total control over the levitating bottle cap. To prove it is unsupported you wave your hands all around it. You make a ring shape with your fingers and amazingly the cap effortlessly floats through!

Nov 12

Palm Penetration Free Tutorial

Posted by franklin in Street Magic , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect:

You ask the spectator to hold out his or her hand palm up. You in turn place your hand on top of theirs, palm down. With your other free hand, you place a quarter or other coin on top of your hand and explain to the spectator that with one quick slap of the coin, you will make it pass through your hand and into theirs!


Nov 04

Mystic Ash Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


The Effect:

The magician shows you a pack of cards and places it under a large handkerchief. With the cards now covered he asks you to make a cut in the deck. You keep hold of the cut through the handkerchief and the remaining cards are brought back out. You are then shown the top card which you cut to. The deck is put back together and you are handed a small piece of paper and a pen. You are asked to draw a picture of your card on the paper and fold it up as small as you can. This is then held over an empty ash tray and set on fire! The magician sprinkles the ashes on to his forearm and rubs them in with his hand. The card you selected is revealed in ash on the magicians arm! David Blaine has a variation of this trick, I have to say it’s been around a lot longer than he has but nether the less is a great trick!


Nov 04

Psychic Memory Free Tutorial!

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Performance , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


The effect:

The magician riffles through the entire deck in a fraction of a second and looks at all the cards. A tells everyone that he now knows the order of every card in the deck! The first card is easy as everyone can see it, so says, 3 of diamonds. The deck is then put behind his back and the front card is put to the back and the deck is brought back out facing the audience. The new front card is correctly predicted. Again the cards are put behind the magicians back and the front card put to the back, brought out and correctly identified. The magician repeats this until everyone is satisfied that he knows the entire deck!


Nov 01

David Blaine - Card In Bottle Revealed!

Posted by james in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


The Effect:

The spectator is asked to sign a card and the card is placed back in the deck. and the cards are shuffled.

The magician throws the cards at a bottle behind the spectators.

Oct 25

Heads or Tails Prediction

Posted by abertzinx in Tutorial , Mentalism , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect

Onto the table you place a sealed envelope and a 10, 20 and 50 pence piece. The spectator chooses one of the coins and the others are discarded. The chosen coin is flipped so it lands heads or tails.

The envelope is opened, turned upside down and a folded piece of paper falls out. The spectator opens the folded paper to reveal a prediction. You have correctly predicted the not only the chosen coin but whether it would land heads up or tails up.

Oct 06

The Forcing Card Trick

Posted by gurusharan in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


This trick very easy, yet it amuses even clever people. It can be used for all kinds of prediction tricks involving cards, depending on the magician's innovation.

The Effect:

   The magician writes down a card on a piece of paper. The paper is then folded and handed over to a spectator. The magician then takes a pack of cards and shows that it is only a normal pack. He then shuffles the pack and asks the spectator to make a cut. The cut pack of cards is turned over the rest of the cards.

Sep 12

Tax Disc Removal Secret

Posted by star in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


This trick is of medium skill

The magician invites a spectator to stand near a car, he then asks the spectator to check that the car tax disc is inside the windscreen. The spectator agrees, the magician then places his hands over the disc and pulls it out through the solid glass.


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