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Sep 09

The Finger Knows All Tutorial

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , General , CloseUp , Card


This is a nice little physic card trick that really depends on your showmanship to help sell this effect. Whenever you do a physic trick you should really sell the idea that you have physic abilities 

The Effect: 

The magician pulls out 5 cards from the deck. The cards are the ace,2,3,4 and 5 of any suits they could be all the same or all different it doesn't matter. Lay them down on a table in order. The magician asks the spectator to mentally think of 1 of the cards and not to tell them. The magician then asks the spectator to hold out his dominant hand. The magician tells the spectator that the thumb represents the ace, index finger 2, middle finger 3 and so on. The magician tells the spectator to concentrate on the finger that their card represents. The magician lightly taps the tip of the spectators fingers with the tip of their index finger. The magician can then correctly predict the selected card.


Jul 26

Derren Brown Hypnosis Revealed

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , General , CloseUp


The Effect 

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMropN6ft4Y ]


Derren Brown made Simon Pegg forget the present he wanted and made him want something else. At the end he says he used hypnosis but this is what i believe he did. 

Mar 06

Psychic Card Trick Tutorial

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Street Magic , Card


The Effect: 

You tell the spectator to name any card out loud. You then say you are going to call a psychic friend and he will tell you the name of the card you thought of without anyone telling him. The psychic names the card correctly.

Mar 01

How to Light a Burnt Match

Posted by guiler in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


For this trick you need 2 matches and a ring (a ring thats slightly loose)  and a black marker


  • using a black marker draw on the red part of one match.
  • put 1 match (the colored one) in the ring out of sight.

The Method:

Nov 05

PIN Number Prediction Revealed

Posted by Zuugician in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism


Imagine knowing something that would normally be impossible to know. For example you might want to reveal someone’s surname, even though you never met them before. You might want to know what their best friend’s hamster is called. Whatever it is, this Prediction effect will allow you to do so. In this case we will reveal the PIN number of a person’s bank account.

Basic Effect
You ask to borrow a pen and pencil from the subject. You confirm with them that they have a PIN number for their bank and that there is no way you could possibly know it. You write down a 4 digit number and return them the pencil. You ask them your pin number and it matches what you have written on the paper.


Jan 29

Handkerchief Through Crystals Tutorial

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Illusion , CloseUp


The Effect

You hand to audience for examination, three silk handkerchiefs; one red, one white, and one blue. Next you show the two crystal cylinders, such as is used on gas jets. Have someone in audience to tie the corners of blue and white handkerchiefs together and roll them into a ball, which you place in one of the cylinders, and give to someone to hold.

You next take the red handkerchief and place it in the other cylinder, and hold one hand over each end of cylinder, and away from your body. You now command the red handkerchief to vanish, and instantly the cylinder is seen empty; hands are still covering both ends. Person holding the other cylinder removes the two handkerchiefs and unrolls them, and to their astonishment they find the red handkerchief which had disappeared from the other cylinder between the blue and white handkerchiefs, all being tied together. Very effective.


Jan 17

The Restored Calendar Tutorial

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


NONE of the principles employed in this clever combination are new, but, as the audience only sees the surface of a trick, the effect is none the worse on that account. If this surface is properly camouflaged, the closer one sticks to the time-tried methods the better.

The Effect

The performer takes one of the leaves from an advertising calendar, tears off a corner and gives it to one of the audience to hold. Then he tears the remainder of the leaf into strips, which he rolls into a ball, saying: "There's another month gone, how time flies!" Holding the ball at the tips of the fingers of the left band, he picks up a fan from the table with the right and fans the strips, at the same time working the ball open with the fingers. He then lays the fan on the table and straightens out the paper, showing the leaf restored. He passes it to the spectator who holds the piece torn from the corner, who fits it in place and reports that the fit is perfect. He then pretends that someone looks suspicious, and, turning to him says: "I see, sir, that you suspect some trickery on my part, but you wrong me, you really do. I assure you that I am as innocent as an unusually young babe. You think that I kept this original sheet and tore up another. Now just to make you regret all the rest of your life that you so wrong fully mistrusted a fellow mortal, I'm going to sacrifice another month of our all too short life by again tearing this into bits." He proceeds exactly as before, returns to his table, picks up the fan and fans his right hand while walking back toward the audience. Then he straightens it out and again has the corner fitted.

Turning to the suspicious spectator he says, "Sir, I shall expect a public apology from you. Otherwise my second will call on you in the morning."


Dec 13

Ring And Program Trick

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp



This was one of the best features of the program given by Guibal when he played at the Eden Musée many years ago. It was not new even at that time; in fact, I had made it a part of my own show in my amateur days; but it is extremely effective if properly handled, and it has always been a surprise to me that it has not come into more general use.

Guibal probably learned the trick from Verbeck, for whom he acted as interpreter during the tour of the latter in England. His clever patter is said to have greatly benefited the Verbeck performance, but later there was a disagreement, and Guibal started for himself, giving practically the same program.

Nov 21

Houdini Rubber Band Escape Revealed

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


A miniature escape that demonstrates how solid can pass through solid!

REQUIREMENTS: One medium sized rubber band.

This is sometimes also called the Hopping Rubber Band. You loop a rubber band over your first two fingers, and then it inexplicably jumps to the second two fingers.

Nov 13

Mysterious Indian Yogi Magic

Posted by ge0ffr0 in Street Magic , Performance , General


Greetings Magis

A mysterious Indian man approached me in the street and began foretelling my future.
This is of course a great way of getting someone's attention!
As he explained the good and not so good things that were to befallme he wrote something on a small piece of paper, screwed it up and then handed it to me and asked me to put in in my pocket.
As we talked further he then asked me for my mothers name, my age and my wife's age.
He was very particular about the spelling and wrote these things on a piece of paper in front of me.
He then asked me to reach into my pocket and retrieve the screwed up piece of paper.
He asked me to blow on it three times, place it against my "third eye" and pray over it.
I then unravelled the piece of paper and magically there were the 3 things listed .....

This seems to be a wonderful street trick, write something down and then psychically predict the person's response.
He "seemed" a very wise and humble yogi. He patiently explained to me the virtues of morality, vegeterianism and other secrets of a long and happy life.
As we talked and he prayed for my family he proceeded to repeat this trick, magically predicting my wife's name, my favourite colour and number.
This time I was more wary,ensuring he definitely couldn't reach into my pocket or get some other opppurtinity to swap the pieces of paper.
At no stage did I let the piece of paper go until I unravelled it.

I would love to fathom how he did this, I gave him a small donation and he went on his way, to bless the next poor dumbfounded soul

Any thoughts on how this was done......???

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