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Jun 24

A Simple Book Test Tutorial

Posted by: abertzinx

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Many mentalists and magicians use a book test in their act. Here's one that you can easily do:



Give someone a paperback book. As them to hold the book behind their back and open to a page. (Even they can't see their page selection.) Hand them a thin marker and tell them to draw an "X" on one of the pages.


Telling them to close the book and to hold it between their hands, you take the marker and write a prediction.

Ask your friend to open the book and find the marked page. One word has the "X" through it. You open your prediction they match!

What You Need:

  • A paperback book.
  • A small piece of paper.
  • Two thin marking pens (like a Flair) the same color.



Before you perform the trick, take the paperback book and find a page near the center of the book with words covering the entire page. Take one of the pens and draw an "X" across the page. Don't be neat; this has to look as if someone drew it behind his back. (You may even want to draw it off-center!)

Note the word that the "X" intersects and write that word on the small piece of paper.

Take the other pen and dry it out. Some pens allow you to remove the center felt or the ink. Any way you can dry it out so it no longer writes. Or, just coat the tip in wax or white glue. As long as it won't write.



Place the mind reading prediction in your pants pocket. Put the pen that doesn't write and the "working" pen in your inner coat pocket. Hand your friend the paperback book and instruct him to hold it behind his back and to open it somewhere near the center.

When he has done that, tell him to take the pen from you (hand him the one that doesn't write) and to make a big "X" across the face of the page. (Remember, he cannot see what he is doing; he can't see the page or that the pen isn't writing anything.)

After he has done that, retrieve the pen and tell him to close the book, bring it in front, and to hold it between his hands.

You take the paper from your pocket and pretend to write a word on it. Look as though you are concentrating, but don't "ham it up". Put the pen away in the same pocket as the "working" pen.

Now, tell your friend to fan through the book to look for the "X". Ask him to read aloud the word which is crossed by the "X". He does and you show him your "written" prediction! They, of course match.

By the way, if you need to use a pen, take out the "working" pen!


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nice magic
Nice mentalism Magic. simply superb
magicgopal , September 05, 2009

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