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Aug 26

Impromptu Mind Reading Effect Tutorial

Posted by: star

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This is a fine impromptu mind reading effect that requires no preparation
whatsoever. The magician has an audience member hold a dime in one hand and a penny in the other. He's instructed to close both hands into fists. The magician turns his back and asks him to concentrate on one of the coins. After a moment the magician turns around and correctly identifies the mentally selected coin.

Begin by handing the audience member the two coins. Place the dime in his right hand, the penny in his left and tell him to close both hands into a fist. Look directly at him and say, "I want you to concentrate on one of the two coins. You can think of the dime or the penny, but, please don't give me any help. Don't glance at your hands, just concentrate on one of the coins and I'll try and tell you exactly which one you were thinking of. " Close your eyes as if you're actually trying to read his mind. After a moment open them and say, "I'm having some difficulty, I'm not getting anything. You're going to have to help me. I'll turn my back, and while my back is turned I want you to place the hand holding the coin you're thinking of, against your forehead like this."

Demonstrate by holding your fist against your forehead. Turn your back and say, "All right place the hand containing the coin you're thinking of against your forehead. Have you done that? Good. Now hold it there and concentrate on the coin. Concentrate, trying to visualize it in your mind's eye." Pause for a moment and then say, "All right, I think I've got it. Please take your hand from your forehead and place it alongside the one holding the other coin. Have you done that? Good. Then it's all right for me to turnaround." Turn to face him and, as you do, glance at his hands. One will be considerably lighter in color than the other. The hand he held up against his forehead will be much lighter due to the fact that the blood has rushed out of it.  Do not stare at his hands--a cursory glance is all that is needed. Instead, look directly into his eyes and dramatically name the coin he's been concentrating on. If his right hand is lighter, it's the dime. If his left and is lighter, it's the penny.

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Mind Reading
Can you explain this: My mate asked me to think of anything in the entire world and I did and then he guessed it correctly first time. He did this again with countries and he does go through a long process like alot of mind reading tricks it was within a few seconds. He said he has a method but refuses to tell me. Any suggestions on the method?
DJ123 , February 08, 2012

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