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Nov 04

Mystic Ash Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


The Effect:

The magician shows you a pack of cards and places it under a large handkerchief. With the cards now covered he asks you to make a cut in the deck. You keep hold of the cut through the handkerchief and the remaining cards are brought back out. You are then shown the top card which you cut to. The deck is put back together and you are handed a small piece of paper and a pen. You are asked to draw a picture of your card on the paper and fold it up as small as you can. This is then held over an empty ash tray and set on fire! The magician sprinkles the ashes on to his forearm and rubs them in with his hand. The card you selected is revealed in ash on the magicians arm! David Blaine has a variation of this trick, I have to say it’s been around a lot longer than he has but nether the less is a great trick!


Nov 04

Psychic Memory Free Tutorial!

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Performance , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


The effect:

The magician riffles through the entire deck in a fraction of a second and looks at all the cards. A tells everyone that he now knows the order of every card in the deck! The first card is easy as everyone can see it, so says, 3 of diamonds. The deck is then put behind his back and the front card is put to the back and the deck is brought back out facing the audience. The new front card is correctly predicted. Again the cards are put behind the magicians back and the front card put to the back, brought out and correctly identified. The magician repeats this until everyone is satisfied that he knows the entire deck!


Oct 06

The Forcing Card Trick

Posted by gurusharan in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


This trick very easy, yet it amuses even clever people. It can be used for all kinds of prediction tricks involving cards, depending on the magician's innovation.

The Effect:

   The magician writes down a card on a piece of paper. The paper is then folded and handed over to a spectator. The magician then takes a pack of cards and shows that it is only a normal pack. He then shuffles the pack and asks the spectator to make a cut. The cut pack of cards is turned over the rest of the cards.

Sep 24

David Blaine - Card On The Ceiling Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Card



A spectator selects signs and returns a card to the deck. The deck is then shuffled and the card that they signed, sticks to the ceiling while the others fall.


You will need a pen, cards and a piece of magicians wax or sticky tape that has been rolled in a loop with the sticky side out. (This should be looped around your finger or under the table)


Sep 02

Turn Around - Easy Card Trick

Posted by Bruce in Tutorial , Card





This trick is easy to learn and easy to remember. It will be great fun to watch your friends struggle with it. Then, when they have tried this way and that, becoming more and more entangled, show them how simple it is by doing it in no time at all!

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