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Jun 10

Criss Angel Walking Through Metal Door Revealed

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Illusion , General


The Effect:

 Criss angel covered a metal door with some newspaper and walked through it. 




May 14

Derren Brown Broken Glass Stunt Revealed

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Performance , Magician , Illusion , General


The Effect:

Derren Brown stopped his heartbeat and walked over broken glass he then lied down in the glass and asked someone to jump on him. At the end of the trick he was fine and had no cuts on him.

Jan 29

Handkerchief Through Crystals Tutorial

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Illusion , CloseUp


The Effect

You hand to audience for examination, three silk handkerchiefs; one red, one white, and one blue. Next you show the two crystal cylinders, such as is used on gas jets. Have someone in audience to tie the corners of blue and white handkerchiefs together and roll them into a ball, which you place in one of the cylinders, and give to someone to hold.

You next take the red handkerchief and place it in the other cylinder, and hold one hand over each end of cylinder, and away from your body. You now command the red handkerchief to vanish, and instantly the cylinder is seen empty; hands are still covering both ends. Person holding the other cylinder removes the two handkerchiefs and unrolls them, and to their astonishment they find the red handkerchief which had disappeared from the other cylinder between the blue and white handkerchiefs, all being tied together. Very effective.


Dec 18

Fishbowl Production Revealed

Posted by franklin in Tutorial , Illusion


For a number of years this fishbowl Production was used as the opening effect in my stage shows. It is quick and very astonishing because a very large howl is used and the production is made on an undraped table so far down stage that it is almost against the footlights. The trick is completely mystifying to the lay audience and to magicians as well. Although I believe that it is wrong to design shows to fool other magicians, it is rather satisfying to find a trick which they don't catch and which at the same time is liked by the general public.

The Effect:
The curtain goes up and two assistants are standing on the stage. Both are wearing red uniforms with capes lined with gold. The capes are thrown back so that the linings show. One assistant is a girl and one a boy. They both stand in the same way--with the right arms behind them and with the left arms bent at the elbow so that their left hands are over their hearts. The girl has a silk cloth of heavy material over her left arm. The girl stands a little to stage right of the center of the stage and the boy stands opposite her on stage left. The magician walks in rapidly and quickly pulls the cloth from the arm of the girl. He opens the cloth with a jerk and catching hold of one corner tosses the cloth so that the boy catches it by the opposite corner. The magician, and the boy, rush down stage holding the cloth. It is held over an undraped and empty table and jerked away by the magician. On the table now stands a large glass fishbowl three-quarters full of water. The cloth is tossed to the boy and the magician takes his bow.


Oct 25

Criss Angel Teaches Magic

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , Magician , Illusion , Coin , CloseUp , Card


Enjoy a few tricks performed and revealed by Criss Angel itself. Tricks that he taught: card thought, aces anytime, lipstick, four aces, into the mind, levitating roll, double card prediction, linked, bill tear and restored, penny or dime, mugs up, houdini favorite trick, floating cup, floating coin, color blind, coin from roll, card thought, blow out.


Card Thought:


Aug 31

David Copperfield - The Flight of Icarus Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Levitation , Illusion


Oh to fly. This ambition is and will continue to be humanity's greatest quest. Siegfied and Roy have had this trick as part of their Las Vegas show-off and on -over the last couple of years.

The effect:

The lights focus on the performer, who, without any effort at all, lifts up off the stage. Back and forth, across the stage, the performer can be seen to fly. Rolling, floating, hovering above the stage. Whether the "flyer" is flying through hoops, into boxes or otherwise about the stage, it appears to be done with great ease and a great deal of magic!

The secret:

Jul 10

David Blaine Thread Magic Revealed

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Illusion , CloseUp


This trick was performed very well by David Blaine . The magician is seen to roll some thread into a ball in his fingers . The thread is then placed in his mouth and he appears to swallow it. The magician appears to be in pain , when he bares his stomach and visibly pulls the thread out from it .

Items :
Thread , you will need two pieces of the same coloured thread .
"New skin" latex clear paint for covering cuts and grazes or other brand of latex paint. This liquid paint is normally available from pharmacies .

Method :
You need to paint a one to two inch square area on your stomach with the latex . When it dries you can pull it gently away from the skin to form a pocket .

Jun 22

Razor Blade Illusion?

Posted by Houdinii in Tutorial , Illusion , General

I've searched everywhere! I can't find a tutorial or figuer out how it's done! Could someone please tell me how the magician "swallows" the blades and string and pulls the string out with the blades attached? I'm willing to trade if needed...
May 30

David Copperfield - Snow Dream Revealed

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Illusion


Less of a magic trick and more of a theatrical production, Snow in the theatre is an "Inside" trick.

The lights go down and the performer stands in the center of the stage. It becomes windy on stage, while the lights have been turned off and replaced with a spotlight on the performer's hands. As the performer rubs their hands together, a snow like substance appears from the performer's hands. Then, magically, the theatre begins to be bombarded with snow blowing out from the stage and onto the audience, which begins to reach out and touch or catch the snow-like substance.



Feb 18

How do you make the illusion real?

Posted by rhmagic in Misc , Illusion


To me magic is doing something extraordinary with a borrowed object. It's making the impossible possible. Doing the unexpected. Magic is creating the illusions using your imagination.

How do you make the illusion real? 

Well, we tell a stories and make the spectator's mind wonder.

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