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Jan 04

Envelope Vanish Coin Tutorial

Posted by Bruce in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect:

A fairly heavy Manila paper envelope is prepared beforehand by cutting a slot at the bottom right corner. With a pair of scissors trim a small sliver of paper from the bottom of the envelope. When the envelope is prepared this way the opening will offer no resistance to the coin and it will fall freely into your hand.

Nov 28

Vanishing a Coin with the Aid of a Handkerchief

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


Here is an oldie, the method of which can be used to vanish not only a coin but any other small article as well.

Spread a handkerchief over the palm up left hand so one corner will lie on the forearm. Show a half dollar in the right hand, then place it between the thumb and first and second fingers of the left hand, holding it vertically through the cloth, Fig. 1.

With the right thumb and forefinger, pick up the inner corner of the handkerchief and bring it forward over the coin, then turn the left hand palm downward so the handkerchief hangs down over the coin. Make some remark about showing the coin again as you return the hands to their former positions. The coin is again seen as in Fig. 1.


Oct 25

Criss Angel Teaches Magic

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , Magician , Illusion , Coin , CloseUp , Card


Enjoy a few tricks performed and revealed by Criss Angel itself. Tricks that he taught: card thought, aces anytime, lipstick, four aces, into the mind, levitating roll, double card prediction, linked, bill tear and restored, penny or dime, mugs up, houdini favorite trick, floating cup, floating coin, color blind, coin from roll, card thought, blow out.


Card Thought:


Oct 15

The Mysterious Coin Balance Revealed

Posted by james in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


You can balance a coin at your fingertips, but no one else can!

REQUIREMENTS: One large coin, one straight pin

Here's a great trick to demonstrate your mastery of mind over matter!

The Secret:

Have a regular straight pin concealed in one hand, between the first two fingers. With the other hand, pull a coin out of your pocket and allow it to be examined by the audience, or borrow a coin from one of them!

Jun 24

Onion Magic Tutorial

Posted by abertzinx in Tutorial , Street Magic , Coin , CloseUp


Effect: The human being with supernatural abilities asks the folks, "Wanna see something strange?" They say they would like that very much. "Well, it's gonna cost ya five...no, TEN bucks. Plus tax. That would normally work out to over 11 dollars, but let's just keep it simple. To show you something you're going to remember for the rest of your lives I'm going to need 10 bucks and 10 cents. Whose got a 10 dollar bill and a dime?"

The spectators cough up the cash and -without ever touching the coin- Mr. Magic asks someone to place the dime on the ten dollar bill and crunch the bill into a tight ball. The magician hands someone a pen and asks them to get ready to write something down on whatever is handy (paper napkin, business card, etc.) With his eyes closed and head turned away, the magician holds the balled up bill in his hand and focuses his considerable psychic energy on the coin nestled in the bill. "I'm getting a sense that the coin is...silver, right?" The audience is nonastonished.

Feb 26

Crushing a coin with 2 fingers

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , General , Coin , CloseUp , Bar Tricks



Borrow a quarter from a spectator. Next place it between you thumb and first finger. In plain sight of the spectator the whole time, you start to bend the quarter. You bend it so far that the coin is folded in half.

Click here to get the explanation.

Feb 14

Coin Thru Table Revealed

Posted by rhmagic in General , Coin


This is my version of coin thru table. I tried to keep it simple and easy so there isn't a lot of set up. 



Nov 12

Palm Penetration Free Tutorial

Posted by franklin in Street Magic , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect:

You ask the spectator to hold out his or her hand palm up. You in turn place your hand on top of theirs, palm down. With your other free hand, you place a quarter or other coin on top of your hand and explain to the spectator that with one quick slap of the coin, you will make it pass through your hand and into theirs!


Oct 25

Heads or Tails Prediction

Posted by abertzinx in Tutorial , Mentalism , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect

Onto the table you place a sealed envelope and a 10, 20 and 50 pence piece. The spectator chooses one of the coins and the others are discarded. The chosen coin is flipped so it lands heads or tails.

The envelope is opened, turned upside down and a folded piece of paper falls out. The spectator opens the folded paper to reveal a prediction. You have correctly predicted the not only the chosen coin but whether it would land heads up or tails up.

Oct 03

Does anyone know how to do the Shoot Ogawa Schizoid Vanish

Posted by netartifacts in Tutorial , Coin


Can you post a tutorial! 


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