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Apr 19

Marketing for Magicians

Posted by: howtochangefate

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Now not every magician wants to get money for what they do. But some do. How to get yourself booked in clubs or anywhere really is quite simple. Show some people who work there some tricks and when your done say something like 

" Do you know who i can speak to about hiring me to do some shows here." then hopefully they should go and find someone for you. After every show i have a piece of cardboard that has got a large version of my business card then i flip it over on the other side it says tips please. I have a friend with me who acts like their not with me when i do a show who runs and puts a five pound note or ten. 

Then everyone seems to come and give me money.After the show i always have to give my friend the money they put in there. Try to get a business card they can really help. I always hand out a business card when i can. You can also make a Youtube channel where you perform amazing magic tricks and at the end say about your website.

You can always make a website as well that has clients like cruise club. Also on that website make sure you put prices depending on time don't charge loads if you were only there for ten minutes or nobody will hire you. And contain contact details. At private hire shows try to socialize as much as possible.

P.S if you have any questions feel free to comment on this blog or write on my profile wall and i will get back to you as soon as i can.

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sorry i dont know the answer to that. i would suggest trying to get the police or a lawyer involved. Sorry i couldnt help its because its got nothing to do with magic
yasmin , April 22, 2013
A direct challange to me
Hi , please i want to know if you can do the following things for me.
1. Somebody stold my money 4,400 naira ,so i want him to return the money double or if you will not be able to do let him return double u can still make him return the excert amount that he stold from me. But one thing is that i know this person acctually his name is ubong emmanson and he is even owing me 2,000 naira, so let him return that one also . And another person is the one that says he is going to make me employed with one of the companies so dube me and collected me 10,000 naira so i want him to return the money with the interest of 30% per month right from the month he collected me and that was since aprill 2008 . Thanks i'll reward u when that is done.
David Effiong , April 21, 2013

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