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Jul 27

Birds of a Feather - Card Trick Tutorial

Posted by: momo

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You put four Queens (or any 4 cards the same) into the deck of cards at four different places, - as far apart as your can manage, - then with a simple cut and a riffle or a blow - they appear all together again, right in the centre of the pack.


The Secret:

You need the four Queens from the pack, - plus two other cards.

Set up the 4 Queens face up as follows - 3 Queens; 2 other cards; then 4th Queen at the bottom of this small packet (really 6 cards), - do not let the audience see the 2 other cards.


  1. You can show the four Queens to the audience - either ready fanned out with the 2 ordinary cards concealed under the 3rd Queen. - or if you feel confident and have practiced the "Buckle Count" - then you can actually count the Four Queens face up, so that the audience can clearly see that there are only 4 cards (Queens) being used.
  2. The Buckle Count:- The 'Buckle Count' is a movement where you count a number of cards as a fewer number than you actually have, yet it appears like a very natural count and the cards appear to be counted from one hand to the other individually. The way this is achieved is by holding the packet of cards in the left hand fingers supporting and the thumb ready to push off one card at a time into the right hand.

  3. The cards are counted quite naturally like this until the one before the number you wish the audience to believe you have in your hand. At this point you must 'Buckle' the bottom (and last card) using the little finger or the fourth finger of the left hand.
  4. This will leave the corner portion of the remaining packet exposed and free of the last card. You now simply take this remaining packet with the right hand using the same movement as the other counts and count out loud the next consecutive number. You are now left with only one card in the left hand, - which you count as your last card

  5. When you have shown the 4 Queens to the audience, you explain about the phrase "Birds of a feather - stick together", and how it applies very much to playing cards, particularly the female cards (Queens) and how they are more often than not, found all together in the centre of the pack. They don't like anything to get between them.
  6. Place the 4 Queens (really 6 cards) face down on top of the pack and tell the audience that you are going to prove to them just how strong the bond between them is and that how you can't explain why or how this strange thing happens.
  7. Now you place the top Queen on the bottom of the pack, - casually letting the audience see this card.
  8. Place the next card (not a Queen) anywhere in the middle of the pack. Don't show the face of this card to the audience. - I like to use other face cards such as the Jacks or Kings as the two indifferent cards. That way even if the audience get a slight glance at the card as you push it into the centre of the pack, it will appear to be a Queen.
  9. Place the next card (again not a Queen) somewhere in the middle of the pack but well away from the place you put the last one.
  10. Leave the fourth Queen on the top. Again you can casually show the audience that this is the 4th Queen.
  11. Now you need to explain that although you've try to separate the four Queens (birds)as best you can - they really don't seem to like it and if you were to leave the pack like this for a while either in the box or just lying on the table to Queens would desperately try to come together.
  12. At this point you say - " Let me show you!" - You then Cut the pack in the middle and put the bottom half of the pack on to the top half and give a Riffle or tap the pack or simple blow on the pack.

Finally, with a flourish, turn the cards face up and spread them on the table or fan them out to show the Four Queens all together again in the middle of the pack. - It's Magic!

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yes, I love it so, that is the good one
samao_teng , August 18, 2009

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