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Nov 01

David Blaine Mind Reading Trick Revealed!

Posted by: james

Tagged in: Tutorial , Mentalism


1. “Think of any card,” it's a wild guess but a spectator will almost always think of the Nine of diamonds, Ace of spades, Queen of Hearts or the Six of Clubs. Have each of those cards on you in one way or another and reveal.

2. “Pick a number between 50-100 with even different digits.” Answer: 68

3. “Pick a number between 1-1,000” Answer: 333

4. Fan a set of cards with one royal and the 4H in the center, nine times out of ten the spectator will pick the four because it's in the center and it appears uncommon. (i.e. 7C,AD, 4H, KH, 9D)

5. Borrow a coin from someone, switch it and have them hold your coin in their hand, they bend it with their mind! Just stick your quarter in a vice and bend it ahead of time.

Say things to help your magic like: “Let me show you something strange, I'm going to try something, I've never done this before, It's bizarre, Do you (Did you) feel that? That's crazy, That's scary, Can I try something with you ?”

 It's simple, isn't it?

Comments (4)

thats wrong
i have tried this on around 15 people it didn't work and i looked like an idiotsmilies/cry.gif
yasmin , January 29, 2013
I used the pick any card mind read over the internet with my own slight variation and it worked perfectly for 4 different people. Thankyou, this really freaked some people out.
Whitty , January 26, 2013
Learn Magic
You r really amazing magician for the time, i m biggest fan of you,
i m also become a magician but i have no sources how can i learn.
David you r the best. really amaaaaaazing.......
i love you David
Nadeem , December 22, 2010
That's false!
Think a Card: 90% of people think the ace of hearts!!!
Tommi , March 07, 2009

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