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Nov 21

One in 52 Card Trick Tutorial

Posted by: Maxim888

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This is a simple trick too, but use a little care when you handle the cards. Spread a normal deck of cards face-up on the table. Ask someone to point to any card they want.

Pull their chosen card from the spread deck and drop it on the bottom card. Pick up the deck and give it a couple of cuts. Now spread the deck, face down, and your friends see there is just one card with a different color back. You lift that card out and turn it over - that's right, it is their chosen card!

This is probably the cleanest trick in this blog. The secret ingredient is a thin film of soap that you rub over the face of the card with the different color back. It is not the card they will choose, just any card from another deck. Put this prepared card on the bottom of the deck that you will use for the trick.

Spread the cards with their faces toward your audience. Don't tilt the cards so much that the light strikes the faces directly or they might see the sheen of soap on the face of the special card.

No matter what card is chosen, you just remove it from the deck and put it, face up, on the bottom, gimmick card.

Then you pick up the deck and squeeze the cards slightly before you cut them a couple of times.

The chosen card will stick to the card that has the film of soap on it. Cut the deck again, then spread the face down cards on the table and show that the volunteer was clever enough to choose the only card with a different colored back!

If you are concerned that the two cards might not stick together, you can use a couple of dots of rubber cement (from any Art Supply store) instead of the soap.


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