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Feb 07

George Washington Prediction

Posted by: Maxim888

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George Washington... a psychic, too?


Show your friend a dollar bill and tell her to look at the serial number and to concentrate on just one of the numbers.

Tell her that George Washington wasn't just the first President of the United States, but he was also a psychic!

Ask her what the number was and after she tells you, you show her your prediction - one that was already written on the dollar bill before you began! Carry this one in your wallet. It's a good one to do anytime!


What You Need:

A specially-prepared dollar bill. (Of course, countries outside the U.S. should use their own currency.)

The Preparation:

Find a dollar bill with a serial number containing just three different numbers. (See photo.)

Next, place one number on George's forehead (a little to the left of his nose) and circle a different number on the lower-left serial number as seen on the above photo.

Then on the reverse side, write, "George also chose '[place the value of the third digit here]'!"

Now, fold the dollar in half with the front side showing out. (If you fold it over George's nose, the number on the forehead will not show on the right side when you show it.)

The Method:

This is a piece of cake. Ask your friend to look at the serial number of the dollar bill. Of course, you are showing her the upper-right serial number of the bill. Since there are only three choices, she chooses one.

Then, just show her the "prediction" on either the forehead, the circled serial number or the reverse of the bill.



This is a great trick that you can do at the office, in class — just about anywhere. Carry it with you wherever you go, but never, ever repeat it for anyone who saw it before, of course!

Credits: Bryan Wizard


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gerald hosmer
that is cool, better than the norm for that effect
gerald hosmer , April 27, 2010

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