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Sep 12

Tax Disc Removal Secret

Posted by: star

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This trick is of medium skill

The magician invites a spectator to stand near a car, he then asks the spectator to check that the car tax disc is inside the windscreen. The spectator agrees, the magician then places his hands over the disc and pulls it out through the solid glass.


This trick needs a long piece of fishing line, two identical tax discs, a car and a spectator.


Attach a piece of fishing line to the tax disc inside the car and run it out to the trunk and out to the back of the car.

Have your assistant ducking down behind the back of the car holding the line, here the spectator cannot see him.

Palming the duplicate disc, the spectator is asked to check that the disc is inside the car.

With the disc in your right hand, cover the tax disc with your hands. This is your cue to the assistant. He pulls the line and keeps pulling until the disc is ripped of the windscreen and pulled right inside the trunk at the back and out of view of the spectators.

Meanwhile, you pretend to struggle to pull the disc from inside the car, hand it to the spectator and casually walk off. It is good to really look like your putting a lot of effort into getting the tax disc through the windscreen.

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