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Dec 08

Invisible Deck Secret!

Posted by: Bruce

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A magician asks a person to think of a card. He then acts like he has an invisible deck of cards. The spectator removes his card and turns it over. The Magician then pulls out a deck of REAL cards. He asks what the card was. The magician then opens the deck and fans the cards. Only one card is upside down. The chosen card.


Props needed:

A deck of cards with rough backs.



Every card in the deck has another card on the back of it, face down. Since the cards have rough backs they stick to each other. The cards are set up like this: the sum of the cards, front and back, is 13. So, a 5 is on the back of an 8, 6 on back of 9, etc.

Jacks and aces are odd. Queens are even, Jacks are 11, Queens are 12, kings are on back of kings, red kings are odd, black are even. Aces are on the back of queens. Spades are on the backs of hearts, clubs on backs of diamonds. One side of the deck is all even numbers, the other is odd. This set up is complicated.

Once you hear the card the spectator chose, take out the deck. REMEMBER, one side is odd, the other is even. IF the spectators’ card was odd, take out the deck, even side up. Lets say the spectators’ card was the 9 of spades. Take out the deck on the even side, flip through the cards (apply pressure to the cards, or else the may separate and find the 4 of hearts. Separate the card on back of the 4 of hearts and flip through the rest of the deck showing all other cards face up. Have the spectator remove the card.

Comments (2)

use ur common sense. it's just a typo error. in the explanation, it says 9 and 4 smilies/tongue.gif
anon , September 18, 2010
6 on back of 9,
lol, 15.
D-Swan , June 09, 2010

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