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May 14

Derren Brown Broken Glass Stunt Revealed

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Performance , Magician , Illusion , General


The Effect:

Derren Brown stopped his heartbeat and walked over broken glass he then lied down in the glass and asked someone to jump on him. At the end of the trick he was fine and had no cuts on him.

Nov 27

Secrets To Performing Magic Tricks For Beginners

Posted by Peter in Performance , General


Many common magic tricks are easy to learn and only require common items such as matchboxes, cloths and coins to perform successfully. The most common tricks are playing card and coin tricks which are both a good way to practice technical and audience distraction skills.

Card tricks are one of the oldest forms of conjuring and perhaps the best introduction to learning magic tricks and performance for beginners. Whilst you can buy special card kits and find free magic tricks online, you should start out with a normal deck of playing cards and learn specific card magic techniques that don't rely on props.

Start small and practice, practice, practice

Mar 01

Tips on Hiring a Close Up Magician

Posted by Magico in Performance , General


The most important thing about hiring a close up magician is that they are professional. An amateur magician may be able to perform magic in certain settings and from the proper angle, but the best magicians can be completely surrounded by onlookers and still leave everyone astounded after the trick has been performed.


Part of being a professional also means that they will show up on time, be dressed smartly, make an effort to attend to every guest and handle last-minute changes with ease. Obviously, this is the kind of  magician you want to hire, so here are the tips you need to help you find such a close up magician.

Mar 01

Michael Ammar - Card Trick

Posted by jeret in Performance , Card


Hi guys  i have posted this card trick, not sure by whom but i think it's probably created

by Michael Ammar. i have changed the handling at the end! Enjoy.. If you need a tutorial for this please let me know. thanks.


Dec 28

Magician Prince Episode 4

Posted by rajachaudhuri in Performance , Magician


Magician Prince Episode 4


Nov 13

Mysterious Indian Yogi Magic

Posted by ge0ffr0 in Street Magic , Performance , General


Greetings Magis

A mysterious Indian man approached me in the street and began foretelling my future.
This is of course a great way of getting someone's attention!
As he explained the good and not so good things that were to befallme he wrote something on a small piece of paper, screwed it up and then handed it to me and asked me to put in in my pocket.
As we talked further he then asked me for my mothers name, my age and my wife's age.
He was very particular about the spelling and wrote these things on a piece of paper in front of me.
He then asked me to reach into my pocket and retrieve the screwed up piece of paper.
He asked me to blow on it three times, place it against my "third eye" and pray over it.
I then unravelled the piece of paper and magically there were the 3 things listed .....

This seems to be a wonderful street trick, write something down and then psychically predict the person's response.
He "seemed" a very wise and humble yogi. He patiently explained to me the virtues of morality, vegeterianism and other secrets of a long and happy life.
As we talked and he prayed for my family he proceeded to repeat this trick, magically predicting my wife's name, my favourite colour and number.
This time I was more wary,ensuring he definitely couldn't reach into my pocket or get some other opppurtinity to swap the pieces of paper.
At no stage did I let the piece of paper go until I unravelled it.

I would love to fathom how he did this, I gave him a small donation and he went on his way, to bless the next poor dumbfounded soul

Any thoughts on how this was done......???

Feb 26

Crushing a coin with 2 fingers

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , General , Coin , CloseUp , Bar Tricks



Borrow a quarter from a spectator. Next place it between you thumb and first finger. In plain sight of the spectator the whole time, you start to bend the quarter. You bend it so far that the coin is folded in half.

Click here to get the explanation.

Feb 15

Stage Fright

Posted by rhmagic in Performance


Stage fright is one of the most crippling disorders a magician can face. After all we have to perform in front of people or worse yet, STRANGERS.

As a person who suffers from stage fright, It took me a while to learn how to over come it. I would try every bit of advice someone told me. Of course nothing worked.

I am a people person. I can strike up conversations with just about anyone. I can act silly and let them take me or leave me. Talking to people is not a problem for me.

Feb 14

Cigarette magic explained

Posted by rhmagic in Street Magic , Performance , Levitation , CloseUp , Bar Tricks


The Anti-Gravity Cigarette.

A cigarette is laid on the table so that about two-thirds of it protrudes over the edge. Yet the cigarette does not fall.

There are two methods of performing this trick. The first requires a prepared cigarette. A bit of metal is hidden in one end of the cigarette, and as that end is much heavier than the other, the cigarette can easily be set so that it apparently overbalances the table edge.

Feb 14

Thumb Tip Secrets

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , Misc , CloseUp


Armed with a thumb tip and the knowledge to use it, your opportunities for performing magic tricks are nearly limitless.

You can perform impromptu tricks such as:

  • The cigarette Vanish
  • The salt trick
  • Coin Vanishes
  • The disappearing silk
  • An Even Sweeter Seal (coin into sugar pack illusion) One of my own tricks I came up with for use of the thumb tip.
  • The bill switch
  • Smokin Another one of mine.

You can check out more thumb tip tricks at RHMAGIC.COM

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