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May 04

Uri Geller - Spoon Bending Revealed

Posted by: chung

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The following is a super little effect that you can do anytime, but it's particularly effective when done casually at the dinner table or restaurant or anywhere that tea or coffee is being served and teaspoons are available.


You casually lift a teaspoon or while it's still in your hands after stirring your tea, - you glance at it with a quizzical look and waggle it a little, as if it's kind of flimsy and flexible.

You then casually bend the bowl of the spoon back and forth and look a little bemused. Now you do the impossible and twist the bowl of the spoon round and round, several times.

You can if your wish, break the bowl right off, then pop it back together again and with a couple of twists - you just chuckle at the poor quality and lay the spoon back down on the table - FULLY RESTORED. - Magic!


First you need to prepare a simple gimmick. - This is just the bowl part of an old teaspoon that you have cut off with a hacksaw. - see picture:


This has to be finger-palmed - but that's simply holding lightly in the loosely curled fingers. - So have this in a convenient pocket where it's very easy to grasp it with your fingers. I actually have carried my teaspoon gimmick everywhere with me for over 30 years and still use it frequently when the situation calls for it. - See picture:

Now it's all down to your presentation. - Holding the spoon in your right hand (or the opposite hand from the one that finger -palms the gimmick), you give it a wiggle from side to side and if you hold it loosely between your thumb and forefinger it will appear as if the spoon is flexible and bending. When doing this you look kind of puzzled and surprised at how flimsy the metal spoon appears to be.

Next you take hold of the spoon with your left hand - that is the hand that is finger palming the gimmick. - The spoon is held with the thumb and the first finger of the left hand with the bowl of the spoon slid behind the third, fourth and little fingers - See Illustration:

The above illustration is simply to show you more clearly how to held the spoon, but remember, you will already be holding the gimmick in the fingers of this hand and it will appear that you have quite naturally taken the spoon in to your left hand.

You are now in a position to bend, twist and break off the bowl of the spoon as you so desire, making suitable remarks or funny comments about Uri Geller or the quality of the cutlery.


Finally, to remove the spoon from this hold and lay it back down on the table fully restored, I use the following move: Simply grasp the handle of the spoon with your right hand and as you lightly curl you fingers of the left hand round the gimmick, - you turn the spoon over lengthwise in a forward twisting movement that leaves you completely free to - either hold the spoon up for inspection or hand it to someone to inspect or simply throw it down on the table.

At this point your left hand naturally drops to your side with the gimmick safely concealed in the easy finger palm as when you started. You can then simply put your hand in your pocket and leave the gimmick behind.

This may seem like a simple effect, but believe me, - it is very powerful when performed casually at the right moment and is a real reputation builder.

You see once you start to perform magic people expect you to do tricks all the time and I find that it is far more impressive to perform something magical with items that you would be using naturally, - like cutlery, napkins, salt, bread rolls etc. - whilst at the table and money, coins and notes when paying for goods or handling money.

Save your 'real magic' - that is the act or routine that you have practiced and rehearsed and would perform for a paying audience. That way you'll find your reputation as a performer who does magic anytime, and with any items, - not just one who does a few tricks or a set act.


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