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May 30

David Copperfield - Snow Dream Revealed

Posted by: chung

Tagged in: Tutorial , Illusion


Less of a magic trick and more of a theatrical production, Snow in the theatre is an "Inside" trick.

The lights go down and the performer stands in the center of the stage. It becomes windy on stage, while the lights have been turned off and replaced with a spotlight on the performer's hands. As the performer rubs their hands together, a snow like substance appears from the performer's hands. Then, magically, the theatre begins to be bombarded with snow blowing out from the stage and onto the audience, which begins to reach out and touch or catch the snow-like substance.


The secret:

Anyone old enough to remember the Lawrence Welk Show, will remember the champagne bubble music, which was a mainstay of this television program. This trick, complete with music (although it is rock music), has just the same effect.

Behind the performer's hands and hidden by the darkness is a bubble making machine. A similar machine can be found in most theatrical theatres. It basically manufacturers a bubble from a soap-based liquid. Much like a children's bubble toy sold by the thousands each summer across North America. The bubbles are created, then blown through an opening, out toward the audience. The larger the bubble machine, the more bubbles will result. Additional machines throughout the theatre also will make bubbles, sending clouds of them floating all through the theatre.


It's simple. Isn't it? Please put your comments or suggestions. Thank you.

Comments (8)

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i like your blog very much,well done
quality fake BMW , May 30, 2011
What kind of machine can imitiate this?
How can a leaf blower work? It makes so much noise... and it looks like the snow is coming directly out of his hands.
fesd78 , April 14, 2011
The child is obvious trick, child goes up from under platform, David goes down. They always do that trick)
THE CHILD , March 31, 2010
I have started to use this snow trick I use a lefe blower moter in my tabel Mr Abro
David Sanders , October 25, 2009
That's Magic
It does not matter to me how it's done. Just creating magic and making it look real is magical in itself.
Eddie Cruz , October 03, 2009
i think ur right about the bubble machine because we see david a little nervous about his hands! and the story>BFFFF don't believe it it's created just play with the psychology of the individu and make him believe the trick.....
jojo , August 23, 2009
The Child?
What about the kid? How did he do that?
abcime , July 25, 2009
Janko Gall
it's not the trick that's important here but the warm fuzzy felling it creates when combined with the story (be it real or made up).
aegian , July 20, 2009

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