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Jan 30

String Them Along

Posted by: aramaic

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A piece of string is cut in half - two of the ends are crossed over one another and a borrowed ring is placed over the crossed ends. - The crossed ends with the ring are given to a spectator to hold in their clenched fist and when you (the magician) pull on the other ends of the string, it magically melts into one single piece of string again, - with the ring securely threaded on to it.

The Secret method:


1. You require a piece of string about 18" inches or so long. - It's best to use "Soft Butcher's Twine". You also require a pair of scissors to cut the string.

2. To prepare the string - you must separate the strands at the centre point and slowly pull them apart, so that a couple of inches of the string is separated. You will find that these two separated pieces will automatically twist themselves into sort of points, which look like two ends of the string. You can now twist these two projections properly and make them really look like the two crossed ends of the string.

3. Now you must stick the real ends of the string together with a touch of rope cement or similar adhesive or sewn together with a couple of stitches of white thread. You're now ready to go.

4. Show the audience the piece of string - holding it up so that the middle is ready to cut with the scissors and the prepared 'false end' are hanging down.

5. Now cut the string or have a member of the audience - cut the string at the centre (where you actually have stuck the ends together).

6. Now holding the False 'crossed ends' between your thumb and forefinger as if to keep the ends together - you ask to borrow a ladies ring - to show them a miracle!


7. Casually thread the ring up on to one end of one piece of the string and place it on top of the point where the ends (apparently) cross and ask the lady to held the ring and the two ends of the string tightly in her clenched fist. Making a point of ensuring that she is holding the ends tight enough, so that they won't slide out when you pull on the string.

8. You now simply take hold of the other ends of the string (one in each hand) and pull slowly. - The lady will feel a slight movement in her fist and you can ask her if she can feel something happening.

9. When you have pulled the string tight you ask the lady to slowly open her hand and magically the cut string is restored - the two ends have joined together in her hand and her ring is actually threaded on the string. - Magic!



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string them along
i can't understand what your saying,u must post a tutorial.man,yhis website stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
criss angel (cristopher sarantakos. , May 10, 2009

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