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Oct 18

Gone Without Trace Card Tutorial

Posted by: aramaic

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This is an amazing trick that is guaranteed to get reactions like no other. This version is designed so anyone can do it. No sleight of hand at all, just simple, pure effect. You make a selected card completely vanish from the deck and appear wherever you want it to.

This trick requires you to make up a simple gimmick using two ordinary playing cards. Tape any two cards together as shown in Photo 3.1. NOTE: The front card is cut a little short. The back card (8 of spades) is the card to be forced.


Before the trick you must plant a duplicate of the force card (8 of spades) anywhere you want it to appear. E.g. The other side of a window, in someone’s pocket, on the ceiling etc.

You will start with the gimmick about a third of the way into the pack (with the force card on top of the shorter card. You will have to force the gimmicked force card on the spectator in the following manner;

Ask the spectator to say stop whenever they want, and begin riffling the deck from the bottom up as in Photo 3.2. When they say stop, riffle up until you hear and feel the gimmick, this is quite simple to do, as there will be a distinct ‘snap’ when you riffle to it. Have the spectator look at this card. You can now overhand shuffle the cards and start building up the effect, the magic is done, the rest is presentation.

You could deal the cards face up onto the table and show that the selected card has actually vanished, then tell them to look at the ceiling, the window, or wherever you have planted the duplicate card.

When riffling, if you pass the force card before your spectator says stop, just quickly riffle to the end of the pack not allowing time for the spec to say anything. Now you can try again, this time they won’t wait so long to say stop. Try to time your riffle so that they say stop as soon as you get to the gimmick, you will find yourself getting quite good at this.

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