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Mar 01

How to Light a Burnt Match

Posted by: guiler

Tagged in: Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


For this trick you need 2 matches and a ring (a ring thats slightly loose)  and a black marker


  • using a black marker draw on the red part of one match.
  • put 1 match (the colored one) in the ring out of sight.

The Method:

  1. with the marker color the red part of 1 match.
  2. light the match that is NOT colored.
  3. quickly quench it in your closed palm before it gets burnt past the red bit.
  4. replace the burnt match fir the one thats colored.
  5. light the new match and they will be amazed.

Note:if they ask to light it again say ''i cant it wood break the magicians code never do a trick more than once''

This is a good trick so i recommended you try it but the quenching in your palm can be awkward so just squeeze quick and get it over with this is my variation on the trick.

Thanks for your time, this is ben guilfoyle god bye








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josh hayman
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