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Sep 14

Dice Dynamics - Math Magic

Posted by: Bruce

Tagged in: Math Magic



This is an amazing way to work out what numbers are on two dice. Ask your friends (or other victim) to roll two dice, but not let you see what numbers come up.

Then ask them to do the following:

  • Double one of the numbers.
  • Then add 5 to it.
  • Then multiply the answer by 5.
  • Add the second number.
  • Finally subtract 25.
  • Ask them what answer they have. The two digits of the answer will be the dice numbers always!

Eg 3 and 5

Double 3 makes 6, add 5 makes 11, multiply by 5 makes 55,  add the second number (5) makes 60. Subtract 25 leaves 35.
3 and 5 are the numbers !!!

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