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Feb 15

Stage Fright

Posted by: rhmagic

Tagged in: Performance


Stage fright is one of the most crippling disorders a magician can face. After all we have to perform in front of people or worse yet, STRANGERS.

As a person who suffers from stage fright, It took me a while to learn how to over come it. I would try every bit of advice someone told me. Of course nothing worked.

I am a people person. I can strike up conversations with just about anyone. I can act silly and let them take me or leave me. Talking to people is not a problem for me.

Now on the other hand if I had to talk to a group of people or heaven forbid show just one person (a stranger) a magic trick. Even a self working trick, I would start to sweat, shake and forget what I was supposed to say or even in some cases what I was supposed to do.

This is not good for a strolling magician. Not at all.

So to perform my magic and show people what I can do I make magic videos. I would practice and practice until it was just right and then video it. I have made thumb tip videos, coin videos, card videos and even goofy videos and put them on YouTube.

What I have learned was this. In the beginning of making videos I was nervous because I wanted to get everything right. That is why I practiced until everything was perfect and after a few videos it got easier and easier to do them. It was because I wasn't concentrating on the magic as much. Because I practiced so much. I wasn't nervous.


So I went out to bars and struck up conversations with people and before you knew it I was showing a trick or two. Sure it was a little scary in the beginning but not like you think.

It's like if you really know your stuff about something, lets say you know just about everything there is to know about cars. And someone is talking about cars or fixing a car. Don't you want to chime in and lend a helping hand with your knowledge? Telling them and maybe teaching them something? You don't feel nervous at all because you know your stuff. RIGHT?

It's the same way with magic. If you practice until you know your stuff, it becomes easier and easier to show people what you can do.

Stage fright is very hard to over come but if you look at it in a different way and attack it from behind, you can over come it. Now I'm not saying your going to totally overcome it, but it will be easier.




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