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Aug 31

David Copperfield - The Flight of Icarus Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Levitation , Illusion


Oh to fly. This ambition is and will continue to be humanity's greatest quest. Siegfied and Roy have had this trick as part of their Las Vegas show-off and on -over the last couple of years.

The effect:

The lights focus on the performer, who, without any effort at all, lifts up off the stage. Back and forth, across the stage, the performer can be seen to fly. Rolling, floating, hovering above the stage. Whether the "flyer" is flying through hoops, into boxes or otherwise about the stage, it appears to be done with great ease and a great deal of magic!

The secret:

Jul 10

David Blaine Couch Levitation Trick Revealed

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Levitation

One of the most startling effects in magic has always been the levitation. Whether you levitate an assistant, a horse or a car, getting something to float has always pleased the crowd.

We will explain the illusion in terms of floating a woman, but the principle will work with any object, big or small, male or female.

The assistant is brought up to centre stage. She is placed in a reclining position on a couch. Then covered with a large cloth.
She is commanded to rise. Once she has risen to a height of one foot above the couch, the couch is taken away and the performer walks all around the floating woman.

She continues to rise until she is well over the head of the performer. Then she slowly descends until she is level with the performer's head. Again she begins to rise. This time, the performer takes hold of the cloth and while she is rising, the cloth is whisked away. The woman is gone, vanished right in front of the audience.

Feb 14

Cigarette magic explained

Posted by rhmagic in Street Magic , Performance , Levitation , CloseUp , Bar Tricks


The Anti-Gravity Cigarette.

A cigarette is laid on the table so that about two-thirds of it protrudes over the edge. Yet the cigarette does not fall.

There are two methods of performing this trick. The first requires a prepared cigarette. A bit of metal is hidden in one end of the cigarette, and as that end is much heavier than the other, the cigarette can easily be set so that it apparently overbalances the table edge.

Dec 21

Bottle Cap Levitation Revealed

Posted by Peter in Levitation , CloseUp


The effect: Explaining to your audience you are going to perform an amazing magic trick you buy or borrow a bottle of unopened drink and remove the bottle cap. You hand out for total examination. This poves to your spectators it is totally unprepared in any way.

Holding the bottle cap in your hands you give it a spin and amazingly it HOVERS in mid air in front of you. You can make it hover from one hand to the other and even rise up and down. Your spectators are baffled! It seems you have total control over the levitating bottle cap. To prove it is unsupported you wave your hands all around it. You make a ring shape with your fingers and amazingly the cap effortlessly floats through!

Sep 30

David Copperfield Flying Rose Revealed

Posted by star in Tutorial , Performance , Levitation , Illusion


The Effect:

So, in this trick David did his best and proved to be a real man. He chose the most beautiful girl from the audience. She was simply gorgeous wearing tight shorts. The only thing that was fishy about her was that nice modest smile which stayed on her face till the end of the trick, and a very strange cold look in her eyes. She kept senselessly staring into the emptiness behind the cameras.

However, the trick turned out to be a blast! David took his handkerchief (facial tissue)  out... valid for one occasion only... not very fresh, and gave it to his new girlfriend, so she could check it for any special devices. The girl carefully wiped it with her fingers and gave it back. And then came the trick itself. The folded facial tissue began to move in David's hands: it jumped up, turned over and stayed up in the air. This joyous scene was very touchy and it was sad when the time for fullfilling the clauses of the deal, signed by David and a big lighter company, came. What have you expected? Everyone is trying very hard to make money and David is not an exception.

Sep 30

David Copperfield Floating Table Revealed

Posted by star in Tutorial , Levitation , Illusion


The Effect:

David invites 8 spectators to come up on the stage. They make a circle around a round wooden table. David asks them to put their hands on the table their hands and slowly rise from their knees to lift the table. To surprise of all spectators it happens. 8 people begin to rise from their knees, touching a surface of the table only with the tips of their fingers, and the table rises behind them in air. Then David asks to lift one hand, then another, and then both. But the table continues to hang in the air. The next moment the table begins to move with the music. It lasts for a few minutes, then the spectators come back to their seats.

The Secret: