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Nov 13

Mysterious Indian Yogi Magic

Posted by: ge0ffr0

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Greetings Magis

A mysterious Indian man approached me in the street and began foretelling my future.
This is of course a great way of getting someone's attention!
As he explained the good and not so good things that were to befallme he wrote something on a small piece of paper, screwed it up and then handed it to me and asked me to put in in my pocket.
As we talked further he then asked me for my mothers name, my age and my wife's age.
He was very particular about the spelling and wrote these things on a piece of paper in front of me.
He then asked me to reach into my pocket and retrieve the screwed up piece of paper.
He asked me to blow on it three times, place it against my "third eye" and pray over it.
I then unravelled the piece of paper and magically there were the 3 things listed .....

This seems to be a wonderful street trick, write something down and then psychically predict the person's response.
He "seemed" a very wise and humble yogi. He patiently explained to me the virtues of morality, vegeterianism and other secrets of a long and happy life.
As we talked and he prayed for my family he proceeded to repeat this trick, magically predicting my wife's name, my favourite colour and number.
This time I was more wary,ensuring he definitely couldn't reach into my pocket or get some other opppurtinity to swap the pieces of paper.
At no stage did I let the piece of paper go until I unravelled it.

I would love to fathom how he did this, I gave him a small donation and he went on his way, to bless the next poor dumbfounded soul

Any thoughts on how this was done......???

Comments (6)

yogi mystery
I too met the yogi - he told me my mothers first name, last boyfriend's last name, my birthday, how many brothers and sisters I had, and some other things..yes, I paid.... he did tell me something about my trip also....ALL the things he said were true without asking me a single question....how- I have no idea except magically yogi powers
orchid , September 02, 2012
I just happened to met this indian yogi earlier today
he's in Sabah, MY now. still wandering the street of Kota Kinabalu. i met him earlier today. wow i just knew he travelled a lot of places before he's in my place. i happened to be one of his audience too. thank god for my interest in street magic... i knew it earlier this wasn't a fortune telling, its the revelation trick. in the end you'll be ask to donate. though i don't believe in fortune telling, but i just gave few bucks because he threw some entertainment. haha.smilies/cheesy.gif
Elddie , July 09, 2012
This Happened to Me Last Month
An Indian young man approached me and did the same exact thing, I was absolutely baffled as how this can be done. I do some amateur magic tricks myself, I'm not easily fooled and I'm not a believer of spirits and ghosts and all that mumbo-jumbo.

He asked me to tear a piece of pink paper, then I held it in my hand, he never touched it, when he asked me to open it, it was in ONE piece. I'm still trying to understand how this is done. Can't get over it.
Edgar K , September 28, 2011
magic trick

this trick is very foolish trick, anybody can do it, same kind of piece of paper he will keep (hide) between his fingers, and he will instruct us to roll it on some idol, immediately he collects your bit, and release his hiding piece of paper, he will readout u r scribbling and fold as it is, and do the same trick again,
Upathi , August 23, 2010
I have recently had a similar experience
As a matter of fact, my personal experience (in Khao San Road in Bangkok) was almost identical to the one described, and I also find it absolutely impossible to explain.
Søren Blaabjerg , June 18, 2010
Georgian , November 13, 2009

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