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Oct 15

The Mysterious Coin Balance Revealed

Posted by james in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


You can balance a coin at your fingertips, but no one else can!

REQUIREMENTS: One large coin, one straight pin

Here's a great trick to demonstrate your mastery of mind over matter!

The Secret:

Have a regular straight pin concealed in one hand, between the first two fingers. With the other hand, pull a coin out of your pocket and allow it to be examined by the audience, or borrow a coin from one of them!

Nov 01

David Blaine - Card In Bottle Revealed!

Posted by james in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


The Effect:

The spectator is asked to sign a card and the card is placed back in the deck. and the cards are shuffled.

The magician throws the cards at a bottle behind the spectators.

Nov 01

David Blaine Mind Reading Trick Revealed!

Posted by james in Tutorial , Mentalism


1. “Think of any card,” it's a wild guess but a spectator will almost always think of the Nine of diamonds, Ace of spades, Queen of Hearts or the Six of Clubs. Have each of those cards on you in one way or another and reveal.

2. “Pick a number between 50-100 with even different digits.” Answer: 68

3. “Pick a number between 1-1,000” Answer: 333