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Feb 25

A drink for 4 and a half cents

Posted by: guiler

Tagged in: Tutorial , Mentalism , Math Magic


hello everyone I am Ben Guilfoyle and I have a fairly easy mentalism effect and I hope you enjoy it.

Items:victim, calculator (optional), pen and paper (optional),4 cents and 1 cent coin that has been cut in half.

step1: Tell your victim to write down a number on the piece of paper but the number must not have a zero it must be double digited and must be between 1-100.

step2: Once he/she wrote there number tell them you will make a prediction with coins.

step3: Pick take some coins from your pocket.

step4: Tell the person to ad the 2 didgets in there number together then subtract it from the original number next ad the 2 numbers in the answer together and divide by 2 eg:45, 4+5=9, 45-9=36, 3+6=9, 9/2=4.5


The secret:

The secret is simple it works with any number that applies to the rules in step 1.


you present the trick by saying to your victim I am going to make a prediction with penny's then you pull out your 4 and a half cents but dont ever until the end tell the victim about your prediction,you can do this to annoy people or you can just gamble and say if my prediction is correct you by me a beer or something on those lines.

I'm Ben Guilfoyle and thanks for your time.













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The destruction of currency is a federal offense and you could be sent to guantanamo bay
ddd , August 06, 2012
like scamschool trick
I've seen this trick before in scamschool
qill , February 25, 2011

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