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May 14

Derren Brown Broken Glass Stunt Revealed

Posted by: howtochangefate

Tagged in: Tutorial , Performance , Magician , Illusion , General


The Effect:

Derren Brown stopped his heartbeat and walked over broken glass he then lied down in the glass and asked someone to jump on him. At the end of the trick he was fine and had no cuts on him.

The Secret 

The secret to this trick is really simple and not dangerous really but i dont recommend trying it. To stop your pulse put a small ball or a crumpled up piece of paper under your armpit. Ask someone to feel your pulse press against the ball and it will seem as if you have stopped your pulse. Walking on glass is pretty safe but i wouldn't try it. If you get hurt walking on glass i am not responsible. The glass should be quite old so its not sharp and 8cm thick. here is some more information on walking on broken glass. 


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