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May 30

Max Maven's Psychic Writing Revealed

Posted by: chung

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I have here a really new principle for effects of this nature. It occurred to me in the latter part of 1927 while conversing with Max Holden on a principle of which he is the originator.

The first thought was to use the trick as herein described, with two blank cards of a calling card size, and as a possible publicity stunt to be used impromptu and at random when the opportunity was forthcoming. For a while I used it as a sort of "self introducer" where my own name would appear upon the blank and numbered cards. Then I discovered it much more effective to use the observer's name when possible, as it takes but a second to get it ready. I first introduced the effect to magicians at the 1928 Lima convention where I was continually "loaded" for as many as 16 names at one time. So upon meeting a performer I could work the effect apparently impromptu. So much for presentation possibilities.

In short, it is the only effect of its kind where with a pencil and two cards, four blank sides are shown and numbered, the spectator actually seeing four blank sides with a different number on each. Yet a name appears, filling one side of a card and everything may be kept and examined. There is neither anything else to add nor get away with.


Use two blank business cards. Beforehand, on the upper left corner of one card, write the figure 1, and then diagonally across card write the name or message desired (Fig. 1). Place the two cards together with the writing on the underside of top card and the numbered end nearest your body (Fig. 2). With spectator in front of you, you are ready.


Mention the two cards in hand, carelessly showing top and bottom of the two together and spreading them apart so top of lower card is seen. Ask party to hold out his hand, and very deliberately deal them onto his hand singly (fig. 3) and remark that only two are used and not three as some think. Pick them off hand and lay on your open left hand and writing is now on the bottom card against your hand with numbered end nearest your body.

Stating that you will number each side, take pencil in right hand and openly mark a figure 1 in upper left corner of top card. Make sure he sees full surface of top card numbered 1. Now lift left hand up towards you so he cannot see face of top card and make this move apparently bringing another surface up.

With left thumb slide top card a little to right as in dealing. Take hold of lower right corner of this card with right thumb underneath and forefinger above (Fig. 4). Now turn this top card outward as if opening a note book until thumb comes to top and forefinger is underneath (Fig. 5), then, still holding card, bring same down behind the other card, not letting go until card is down entirely behind the other (Fig. 6).

The writing is now on underside of the top card and the figure you just wrote is on the underside of the lower card. Practice this move as it is very simple and natural in making. A clean surface is now on top, and still holding left hand up, remark that this will be side No. 2. Write the figure 2 in upper left corner and then lower hand and show the full surface of card bearing figure 2. Once more raise your hand and make exactly the same move as before, turning top card outwards and bringing it down behind other. For a moment, the writing will be seen by you. but only for a flash and not by spectator as he sees nothing. A new surface will be before you on which you mark the figure 3 and then lower hand so that all may be seen fair. Once more hand comes up and the move takes place again-- BUT THIS TIME THERE IS A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE. AFTER TURNING TOP CARD OUTWARD, INSTEAD OF BRINGING IT
DOWN BEHIND THE OTHER, BRING IT DOWN IN FRONT. To the spectator, the move appears the same as always.

This brings back to the front the side you marked with the figure 1. NOW RIGHT HERE IS YOUR SUBTLE MOVE AND PRINCIPLE. You mention that this side is number 4, so you make a figure 4 RIGHT OVER THE FIGURE 1, IN SHORT, CHANGING THE FIGURE 1 INTO A FIGURE 4 BY THE ADDING OF THE TWO SHORT LINES. Drop your hand and show this side perfectly blank numbered. Repeat that you have shown and numbered all four sides and hand cards to spectator to hold. WHEN OPENED HE FINDS THE NAME OR MESSAGE ON A NUMBERED SIDE AND ALL NUMBERS CHECK AND CARDS MAY BE KEPT BY THE SPECTATOR, AS NOTHING CAN BE FOUND WRONG.


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