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Oct 25

The Indian Needle Trick

Posted by: presco

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My own original way. The same old effect but you can defy all the physicians and surgeons in the world to find anything in your mouth before and after. No secret loading and I have worked the stunt for two months now and got some good write-ups on it.

You have a little work basket sitting on the table and inside have a paper of needles, a spool of white thread and your bundle of needles already threaded and rolled up in usual manner. This bunch is rolled, of course, so the thread is all at one end and if the bundle is picked up
between thumb and finger at this end the thread is out of sight, just the packet of needles showing. This bunch is stuck into the hole in the spool with the threaded ends up. The spool sits upright in the basket. A glass of water is close by.

Call up your doctor or spectator to examine your mouth. Take from the basket the paper of needles and open and remove same, dropping one or two to show they are loose and otherwise freely allowing them to be seen. Roll them in a bunch and hold them between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, at same time addressing your audience. State that you also use two yards of white cotton thread for the experiment, at the same time reaching into the basket with your right hand, dropping the needles, picking up the bundle from the spool and also the spool.

This is one continuous move. Break off about two yards of thread then drop the spool into the basket. Now state that you are ready. Bring the packet to your mouth and place on your tongue, bring your upper teeth down on them, this covers the threaded ends but the needles can be clearly seen. Draw them back into your mouth and shift them over on to the right side and clamp between your teeth as far back as possible, this will not prevent you from talking and swallowing water freely.

Now drink about half of the glass of water. Now loop the thread over your tongue and chew it up into a small ball and with your tongue push it up between the gums on your left back side. Drink the rest of the water and be sure and tip the glass over and shake it to show it's empty. Now bring the thread packet over in your mouth and with your tongue get the loose end of thread free. Pull about a foot out and have your assistant hold the end, back away slowly and the bundle will unroll with the needles slipping out. As you get to the last end, bring down the ball of thread with tongue into your mouth and when you remove the last end with your thumb and forefinger you have the little wad of thread also, leaving your mouth free. Try it and watch the effect.

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thank you so much ive been trying to learn this trick for months
christopher lynch , January 23, 2010

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