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Sep 30

David Copperfield Flying Rose Revealed

Posted by: star

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The Effect:

So, in this trick David did his best and proved to be a real man. He chose the most beautiful girl from the audience. She was simply gorgeous wearing tight shorts. The only thing that was fishy about her was that nice modest smile which stayed on her face till the end of the trick, and a very strange cold look in her eyes. She kept senselessly staring into the emptiness behind the cameras.

However, the trick turned out to be a blast! David took his handkerchief (facial tissue)  out... valid for one occasion only... not very fresh, and gave it to his new girlfriend, so she could check it for any special devices. The girl carefully wiped it with her fingers and gave it back. And then came the trick itself. The folded facial tissue began to move in David's hands: it jumped up, turned over and stayed up in the air. This joyous scene was very touchy and it was sad when the time for fullfilling the clauses of the deal, signed by David and a big lighter company, came. What have you expected? Everyone is trying very hard to make money and David is not an exception.

So Zippo lighter appeared and it was slowly moving toward a newborn rose, made out of former handkerchief; the rose was hanging in the air. The lighter's flame became more and more bright and the girl's smile became more and more wide. The next moment the rose burned in the flames and there appeared another rose - it was colorful and seemed to be fresh.

 Here you can watch the Copperfield floating rose video:



The Secret:


I can understand your confusion, ladies and gentlemen! I was confused by this trick myself. I spent four months staring at my TV, making up different theories and there were no positive results in it. It was absolutely clear, that it was done with the help of some thread. But the whole thing is taking place in the middle of the hall and there are 20 meters from the floor to the ceiling. If you lower a thread down from the ceiling it will be swinging due its very little weight and you won't be able to achieve such results anyway. I was almost at a loss when I found myself in the variety-circus college in Moscow at Belorusskaya station. I got there by chance and while walking in dark and cold halls I noticed a young man, practicing some card tricks. I came up quietly: I didn't want to disturb him and prevent him from achieving good results in such a hard kind of arts as magic. But he noticed me, we talked and I told him about my problem. "Don't worry, my friend! The truth is out there... You must keep searching and start thinking in some different way and it will all become clear to you!" - my new friend said.

"What do you mean by thinking in some other way? How am I supposed to do it?" - I asked.

"It's easy! You see, if there is a thread, it's not necessarily for it to come from the ceiling; it may be stretched horizontally. And you are used to the same old standards in every trick. You can't see it, because a piece of paper weight very little, so the thread can be very very thin. The next moment the mystic young man took something out of his leather case and showed me this trick. You can't imagine how happy I was!



Be very attentive, when reading.

The tissue flies with the help of a thin nylon thread. You can get it in any textile workshop or use your girlfriend's tights "Levante". You've got to be very careful: It's very easy to tear or to loose this thread for it's very thin and you won't be able to see it from the distance more then one step.

Look how the thread is fixed (pic.1). It's stretched between David and a microphone that is nearby. It was the girl, who attached the thread to the mike, holding it with both hands, while introducing herself in the very beginning of the trick.

The height of the flight is regulated by easy moves of David away from the mike and vice-versa. The further he moves, the more the thread would stretch and the higher the tissue would go.

The folded tissue is attached to the thread by folding the last into the tissue. And the second time (when a rose), David puts the thread around the flower as if doing some magical moves (pic.2,3).


How does the tissue move? There are different ways:
1.  You can pull the thread with your finger and the tissue would move.
2.  A small motor, hidden in the mike or under David clothes, that looks like a small LEGO motor. one end of the thread is tied to it. The motor keeps on vibrating, but the thread isn't stretched and the tissue is on David's palm, it doesn't move; and when David moves away and the thread is stretching, the vibration begins passing to the tissue.

How does the real rose appear? When David is preparing to set the paper rose on the fire he holds a lighter in his left hand and he takes out from behinf his belt another rose with his right hand. This is and ordinary rose from the props of any ordinary magician: its stalk and leaves jump out of a bud. During the flash David changes the roses, holding the fake one in his right hand (pic.4,5).


That's all, folks! I'd like to mention, that if you watch the trick one more time, notice, how the rose acts in the air, when David bend toward it.


Credits: Abdulov Timour

Comments (17)

Your saying that the tissue is on a horizontal string? That is completely incorrect. That just shows how much you know. Any true magician knows where the string really is. You still probably believe that his show is not a set up.
-Criss Angel
DCopperfield , July 11, 2011
just like this
First, Put the balled up tape end of the invisible thread in your mouth. Then
make a rose out of the flash paper. Step back until the thread becomes tight
can tell because the tape in your mouth will start to come out). Now place the
paper rose on the thread, engaging it under one of the petals, and viola! You
now are floating a paper rose! You can move it by simply moving your body.
Now for the switch. Your body should be with the right side to the audience,
the left side hiding the rose. With your right hand, reach for a lighter
(preferably a zippo) and light it. Bring it under the paper rose, but DO NOT
ignite it. This
is misdirection while your left hand grabs the real rose. With the rose in your
hand, light the flash paper, and bring your left hand up to the same position
the paper rose. The appearance will be that the paper rose turned into a real
rose! Take a bow, and throw the rose into the audience.

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ryanlavegas , July 09, 2011
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i like your blog very much,well done
quality fake BMW , May 30, 2011
I think you are right in most things you've said. But from my point of view is not the girl who does the thread job but david when he takes the microphone. I suggest you watching the video carefully.
Copperfield is the best illusionist anyway.
maxi , April 11, 2011
A little Question
I just wanna ask about the paper flower ....
when David burns it ... where is the Ash of it after burning ??
AND how it makes this flash ?? ... Is there a chemical material on it ??
please E mail me
Yamaka , February 19, 2011
BUeno pero...
hola tinen un gran error ya que no siempre se utilizan paleros (asistentes vestidas de publico) esos trucos son muy contados yo admiro a Coperfield por su capacidad de estar muy tarnquilo frente a atnta audiencia pero les repito ese truco fue realizado con una persona al azar..
MAGO KYRIO , November 29, 2010
not fair
i just wanna say that's not fair !smilies/grin.gif
Greenshadow , October 21, 2010
"It's stretched between David and a microphone that is nearby. It was the girl, who attached the thread to the mike, holding it with both hands, while introducing herself in the very beginning of the trick" uh...she didn't touch the microphone lol
silence , November 18, 2009
Ok...that 's right
thienkhoi , November 06, 2009
not right at all
nice try but you are wrong, this is not the way he does it at all. and the girl is random selected, the only right thing is that he uses a thread...not hard to find out...anyway it's not a normal textile string its called invisible thread.
for more informaction buy kevin james dvd.
illusionist1976 , October 10, 2009
You got this illusion so wrong
That is not how david does it at all. person: ... is right because I bought the DVD from Kevin James and found out how it was done
David Copperfield #1 , September 06, 2009
im sorry to say but this is wrong as i went to see his show live last night in astralia and he picked out and old lady that woman there cannot be an assistant as she was not at the show.
Krylancelo , August 11, 2009
David Copperfield is the best illusionist
Kevin James ...is all i have to say.
The whole bit of animating is incorrect , June 18, 2009
Thanks you. This will be perfect trick. But that someone has reveled trick doesn't break my respect to Copperfield. He is best illusionist.
someone , May 28, 2009
Anyway, it was revealed but I respect David Copperfield
Kickss , April 02, 2009
nice guess but wrong i bought the dvd by kevin james and this is not the way david does it.
person , February 17, 2009
Excellent revelation. I think Copperfield uses his assistants in the disguise of spectators in most tricks.
gurusharan , October 05, 2008

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