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Feb 21

How to lift a bottle just by using a paper straw

Posted by franklin in General , CloseUp , Bar Tricks


This is not a fool-proof puzzle. You have to put your faith in an untested paper straw. I recommend that you only do this trick over a soft surface so that there is no damage if it doesn't work.

Show your friends an empty bottle and a paper straw. Stand the bottle on the table and then ask if anyone can lift the bottle from the table without touching it with anything except the straw. And it is against your rules (well, this is your puzzle!) to tie the poor defenseless straw round the neck of the bottle.

A few over-confident people may try, then you show them that it is really easy. Well, it is really easy indeed! 

Jan 05

Prop Bet: Up and Away

Posted by andrewjspeirs in General , Bar Tricks


The Game:

It's can't be done" you exclaim. This is sure to get your marks attention. "There is no way it can be done." after saying this a few times the question of what the heck you are talking about is sure to come up. You can't pick up a shot of whiskey without spilling a drop. Your mark is sure to think he can, and the challenge starts. The whiskey is poured, and you go over the rules. You can't spill a drop, I won't push you or anything like that. They will of course say okay. Well why don't you put your money where your mouth is, a bet is made. Who could say no, it sounds so easy.

Feb 26

Crushing a coin with 2 fingers

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , General , Coin , CloseUp , Bar Tricks



Borrow a quarter from a spectator. Next place it between you thumb and first finger. In plain sight of the spectator the whole time, you start to bend the quarter. You bend it so far that the coin is folded in half.

Click here to get the explanation.

Feb 14

Cigarette magic explained

Posted by rhmagic in Street Magic , Performance , Levitation , CloseUp , Bar Tricks


The Anti-Gravity Cigarette.

A cigarette is laid on the table so that about two-thirds of it protrudes over the edge. Yet the cigarette does not fall.

There are two methods of performing this trick. The first requires a prepared cigarette. A bit of metal is hidden in one end of the cigarette, and as that end is much heavier than the other, the cigarette can easily be set so that it apparently overbalances the table edge.