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Aug 25


Posted by: rhmagic

Tagged in: Magic Shop , General , CloseUp


Practicing your sleight of hand is important for the close up worker. There are a lot of sleights and

handlings out there and you have to pick a select few that work for you.

The best way I found to practice my sleight of hand is in front of a mirror and to practice the trick

"Spookey" by Jay Sankey.

How does a key trick help you with your sleight of hand? With "Spookey" you have to learn how to

manipulate 2 or three keys by passing them from hand to hand. Using one hand. Trading keys for

others. With "Spookey" you have to be good to do these sleights. You think the shuttle pass is easy?

Wait until you try doing it with "Spookey".

With "Spookey", you have to be able to one, or two sleights in one hand at the same time while

handing or passing a key or set of keys from hand to hand or to the spectator all while doing these

sleights. Once you have practiced "Spookey" you will be ready to do any kind of sleight of hand.

"Spookey" will give you new insight and ideas on how to handle objects while doing sleights and


I practice "Spookey" everyday just to keep up with my sleight of hand techniques.

Check out "Spookey" by Jay Sankey today.

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