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Mar 18

Criss Angel - Palm Sight Revealed

Posted by: Zuugician

Tagged in: Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism


EFFECT: The magician asks a spectator to name the first letter of someone's name who is close to him. The magician then tells the spectator to grab the magician's hand, and to squeeze it tightly as he concentrates on his letter. The magician then instructs the spectator to release his hand. As the spectator stares at the red marks left on the magician's hand, the marks slowly begin to morph into the letter the spectator was thinking of.


THE SECRET & PERFORMANCE: After you ask them to name the first letter of someone's name close to them, casually scratch that letter into the palm of your left hand with your right first finger nail. Look them directly in the eyes as you do this, as to create some misdirection for the move. As they're thinking of their letter, instruct them to squeeze your wrist and then, after a few seconds go by, to let go. The red marks they leave after letting go of your wrist will perfectly cover up the number you scratched into your wrist before the effect began. As the red marks fade, the number you scratched will remain. This effect is all about presentation. Make sure you present it seriously, and actually try to believe that what you're doing is "REAL MAGIC". As a note, this effect also goes incredibly well with a card force or forcing the number 7. Simply scratch the name of the card into your hand that you plan on
forcing or the 7 before the effect.

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