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Jun 22

Razor Blade Illusion?

Posted by: Houdinii

Tagged in: Tutorial , Illusion , General

I've searched everywhere! I can't find a tutorial or figuer out how it's done! Could someone please tell me how the magician "swallows" the blades and string and pulls the string out with the blades attached? I'm willing to trade if needed...

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The razer blades are fake OK (swallowed ones) or they are moved to a lip compartment(a skin flap in the mouth) and switched out for the other side whitch is tied(this could tie into the swallowed fake ones to). Now judging by the little info given i many not get it 100% correct. Now Suger colored or some eatible matterial may have been the eaten blades if they where visibly eaten.
Locke , June 23, 2009

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