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Aug 30

The Number 1089

Posted by: Bruce

Tagged in: Math Magic

Have you ever heard the number 1089? No, then learn this mathemagic 1089 to amaze your friends!

  1. Ask a spectator to put a three digit number into the calculator (They have to put the digits in descending order, like 741 or 942).
  2. Press the subtraction key.
  3. Then enter the same number in reverse order eg 147 or 249.
  4. Press the equals key.
  5. Keep the answer on the display. Remember it and mentally reverse the answer.
  6. Press the add key.
  7. Enter the three digit number which you reversed.
  8. Press the equals sign.
  9. Your answer will be 1089.

Let's try it:

For example your friend choose the number: 753.

753 - 357 = 396

396 + 693 = 1089


If you really want to impress people, put a piece of paper with 1089 on it in a sealed envelope and open it after the trick!

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