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Sep 30

David Copperfield Floating Table Revealed

Posted by: star

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The Effect:

David invites 8 spectators to come up on the stage. They make a circle around a round wooden table. David asks them to put their hands on the table their hands and slowly rise from their knees to lift the table. To surprise of all spectators it happens. 8 people begin to rise from their knees, touching a surface of the table only with the tips of their fingers, and the table rises behind them in air. Then David asks to lift one hand, then another, and then both. But the table continues to hang in the air. The next moment the table begins to move with the music. It lasts for a few minutes, then the spectators come back to their seats.

The Secret:

The secret of the trick focus is simple, as well as is ingenious.

Inside the table there are no devices, unless its weight - it's very light. The secret is in two spectators, who stand against each other at the table. They are marked on pic.1.


In their sleeves special devices are hidden, which allow to support the table from below and to take off their palms at the same time. On pic.2 the scheme is represented, for your convenience the device is very much enlarged; actually it densely adjoins to the bottom (invisible) part of a sleeve, has the accurate forms, and automatically goes inside the sleeve, when you unbend the elbows.

It's very easy to tear a cloth off the table, and here may be lots of variants: David simply pulls it and the cloth goes out of a clip, or the cloth does not get in the clip between the device and the table. When the table begins "dance", the couple, standing against each other, simply conduct it in the necessary direction; you can see it clearly on the tape - all people simply run after the table, and our couple drags it (pic.3). If you draw an imagined line between the woman in red, and the young man against her, you will see, that the table is inclined, precisely following this line; they simply simultaneously incline it in different directions.


This trick is very amusing. But it's very simple for such a great illusionist. You can make such a table, take a couple of friends and to entertain people at some B-day party. 

Credits: Abdulov Timour and Sergey Malishev

Comments (9)

David Copperfield used the age old, time tested method for this effect just exactly as you described. The above remarks huffing and puffing about this costing $25,000 dollars to make and that Copperfield wouldn't utilize shills or such a simple secret are ABSURD. If Copperfild payed all that money to have this effect produced he would be a fool because it just exactly like the method described. Besides, it is well known that Copperfield ALWAYS uses shills for every person you see on his stage. He holds auditions in the towns he performs in and rehearses actors to portray his "volunteer assistants. Sometimes good magic is simple and direct and this is one of those good old chestnuts.
Lazlo Kaveeve , September 25, 2013
I agree with close but no cigar
Pastor Charles Rice
That is a good way to do it. But that isn't Copperfields style. He would have a better way that couldn't be figured out so easily. Besides he has some of the best Illusion creators helping him one is the best of the best Gospel Magicians Andre Kole Helping him. And something that easy is not his style either so you might want to rethink your Ideas. Thats like the guy on youtube with the answer to the Illusion David did where he goes from the stage to the island out in the pacific. It was a good theory but it just doesn't work for me. Copperfield and his crew are much smarted than that. Same with the table.
Pastor Charles Rice , May 18, 2012
Close, but No Cigar!
The method you describe is well over 100 years old and not even close to how David executed this particular piece which in fact, used multiple methods. It was developed by a well-known European effects designer whose initials are DB (and not Derren Brown, mind you).

I believe John Gaughan, one of the most legendary Magic Builders of our time, made this piece for David at a cost in around $25,000.00 which is another reason your explanation is way off the mark -- the method you describe can be purchased for as little as $150.00 but rarely goes for more than $1,500.00 when it comes to the more sophisticated models.
Craig Browning , April 19, 2012
thank you for your answer to the table.It is most enlighting.Thanks again.
gene bell , December 28, 2011
reasnble explntn...
my questn is are all of the specs in on dis or nly dose 2 with the magic fingertips??????
xyz... , May 13, 2010
Hi! I have seen the simiral video at torrent search . It;s not surprising! My floating table is wooden. You realise that the people´╗┐ who sell the magic tricks are making their living out of the secrets right?
people Know that the table doesn't really float. it's called theatre you halfwit!
Trevor L. , February 16, 2010
How are we suppost to make a device that brings the table up.
we probably couldn't even buy one
dgxndsehzg , July 12, 2009
"You can make such a table, take a couple of friends and to entertain people at some B-day party."


You guys think you're clever because you know a few elementary secrets. The art is in the routining and the presentation. Copperfield gets people to scream with this trick.
Tarbash , November 19, 2008
I already know a better version, but this is V2 I guess.
The Great Makar , October 19, 2008

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