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Nov 04

Psychic Memory Free Tutorial!

Posted by: momo

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The effect:

The magician riffles through the entire deck in a fraction of a second and looks at all the cards. A tells everyone that he now knows the order of every card in the deck! The first card is easy as everyone can see it, so says, 3 of diamonds. The deck is then put behind his back and the front card is put to the back and the deck is brought back out facing the audience. The new front card is correctly predicted. Again the cards are put behind the magicians back and the front card put to the back, brought out and correctly identified. The magician repeats this until everyone is satisfied that he knows the entire deck!


Audience’s view (card moved to
side to explain, in position for trick)


Your view of the next card


The Secret:

When you riffle the deck you must remember the second card, forget the rest! When you put the deck behind you the first time take the first and the remembered second card and put them face up on the back of the deck in reverse order so the remember card is now at the front. Say this card out loud. You are now looking at the front of the deck and the audience are looking at the back! You can see the next card, remember it and put it to the ‘new’ front when it’s behind you, repeat until you have gone through 20 or 30 cards! You cannot go to the end or your secret will be revealed!

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