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Sep 14

Criss Angel Omega Book Test Revealed

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The magician gives the spectator a sealed envelop to hold for safe keeping,pronouncing that he has made a prediction which is contained within. The spectator signs the envelope, to ensure that no switches will take place, and then he stores the envelope away in his pocket, or some other safe place.

The magician then holds out three books, and offers the spectator to select one of them. Having selected his book, the magician then riffles down the pages and instructs the spectator to call out "STOP" on any page he chooses. Once the spectator has stopped the magician, the magician turns his back as to not see or glimpse anything, and instructs the spectator to memorize the page number he stopped on, and also to remember a single word from the top line of that page. After the spectator remembers the word and the page, he closes the book and instructs the magician to turn back around.

The magician gazes into the spectators eyes, and, with what appears to be genuine mind reading, he not only tells the spectator what page he stopped on, but the word he was thinking of! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Now is the truly magical part! The magician instructs the spectator to turn to the page he selected in his book. The spectator tries to turn to that page, but it’s missing! The page the spectator selected, and only that page, has been torn out of the book!

The magician backs away, as to insure that no sleight of hand or other form trickery will take place, and instructs the spectator to take out the envelope that was given to him and was signed before the effect began. He takes it out and opens it, to find that the page he selected was sealed in the envelope the entire time! Not only that, but the page matches up PERFECTLY with the one torn out of the book!

Sep 03

Making Money - Magic Tutorial

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The Effect:
Three coins are placed in your hand. When you open your hand again the number of coins has increased to five.

The Secret:
Before your performance secretly stick two coins to the underside of your table with plasticine. Place three coins on the table.  Let everyone see that your hands are empty. With your right hand,  scoop the coins from the table into your left hand.  At the same time, the left fingers reach under the table and take the two hidden coins. Open your left hand and the coins have magically multiplied.


Aug 19

Coin Matrix Performance & Tutorial

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Coin Matrix Performance & Tutorial from http://magic-for-everyone.com.

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