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Nov 07

The Trick That Fooled Einstein

Posted by: momo

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This trick was performed by magician Al Koran, who used it in an act while mathematical genius Albert Einstein was in the audience. After the show, Einstein invited Al Koran to his table and had him repeat the effect, it fooled him again! Koran then commented, "It’s not the numbers - but the words that fooled you."

Discover the secret below!


The magician and spectator both take a random number of cards... the magician proceeds to make three statements which make it seem like he knows how many cards the spectator has.


None, just a normal deck of cards (or anything else you can count).



You ask the spectator to cut off about a quarter of the cards, then you do the same. The only requirement is that you get more cards than the spectator. Start counting your cards but tell the spectator NOT to count theirs yet. You then say, "I will make three statements..."

1) "I will take the same number of cards."
2) "I will have six more than you."
3) "And i will have enough to make yours 15."

When you count your cards, mentally subtract the second statement (in this case six - it can be less) from your total. The amount left after you subtract is the number of cards used in your third statement. This means in the above example you would have had 21 cards to start. When the trick is repeated, vary the number used in the second statement.

Have the spectator count out her cards. Lets say they had 14. You say, "same as you", and count out 14 cards. "And then I said, six more." Count six more coins down. You continue, "And enough to make yours 15". Count out your last coin to make the spectator have 15!

When the spectator has the cards in hand, touch their fist as if weighing the hand...

You probably wont understand this trick on the first reading, read it again and try it yourself... the reactions are always strong.

This trick can be done using coins, betting chips, golf tees, or any other small object, the principle is the same.

Extra Tips
Having problems working it out? See if this helps.

Think of it that I’m the magician, and you just selected 16 cards, now I don’t know how many you have, but all I have to do is get more than you OK?

Right, I just counted my cards, and I have 22, so that’s 6 more than you. Now if I was to eliminate the second statement and just say, "I will have the same as you plus enough left over to make yours the same as mine (22)", that’s too obvious. Because if I count out 16 cards, I’m going to have 6 left over, which obviously make yours 22.

It is the use of the second statement that mixes people up and makes it hard to work out, the second statement is essential to make the trick effective. Hope this helped you out.


Video Tutorial


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