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Feb 18

How do you make the illusion real?

Posted by: rhmagic

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To me magic is doing something extraordinary with a borrowed object. It's making the impossible possible. Doing the unexpected. Magic is creating the illusions using your imagination.

How do you make the illusion real? 

Well, we tell a stories and make the spectator's mind wonder.

Remember when you were little and your mom or teacher would read a book to you? Remember using your imagination to create pictures in your head to make it real?

That's what you have to do as a magician to make your magic stand out and more believable.

Make them use their imaginations. This makes the illusion seem more real. A persons imagination can run wild. It can make them happy, scared, angry, sad, adventurous.

An imagination can make someone feel like their part of the action when you perform. The performance of the magic helps to reassure the person that it is really happening.


Try working in some kind of story about when you were little or once a-pon a time. The imagination of your spectators will follow your every word and make their minds wonder.



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How do you make the illusion real
Big Daddy
This is real good and important advice, to many people are just into the magic end of it all instead of setting up the mystery!! its so important to have them to become part of the illsion by atleast useing there imagination even if there just watching,(not taking part in the illusion).. Always make your audience feel like there part of the illusion!
Big Daddy , April 26, 2009

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