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Sep 09

The Finger Knows All Tutorial

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , General , CloseUp , Card


This is a nice little physic card trick that really depends on your showmanship to help sell this effect. Whenever you do a physic trick you should really sell the idea that you have physic abilities 

The Effect: 

The magician pulls out 5 cards from the deck. The cards are the ace,2,3,4 and 5 of any suits they could be all the same or all different it doesn't matter. Lay them down on a table in order. The magician asks the spectator to mentally think of 1 of the cards and not to tell them. The magician then asks the spectator to hold out his dominant hand. The magician tells the spectator that the thumb represents the ace, index finger 2, middle finger 3 and so on. The magician tells the spectator to concentrate on the finger that their card represents. The magician lightly taps the tip of the spectators fingers with the tip of their index finger. The magician can then correctly predict the selected card.


Jul 26

Derren Brown Hypnosis Revealed

Posted by howtochangefate in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , General , CloseUp


The Effect 

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMropN6ft4Y ]


Derren Brown made Simon Pegg forget the present he wanted and made him want something else. At the end he says he used hypnosis but this is what i believe he did. 

Feb 21

Mind Reading With a Card

Posted by franklin in Mentalism , General , Card


The Performance


Our intrepid magician goes forth onto the unforgiving streets.

Feb 09

Amazing Mind Reading Trick

Posted by howtochangefate in Mentalism , General



Using sticky tape stick some pencil led under your thumb nail.


Feb 25

A drink for 4 and a half cents

Posted by guiler in Tutorial , Mentalism , Math Magic


hello everyone I am Ben Guilfoyle and I have a fairly easy mentalism effect and I hope you enjoy it.

Items:victim, calculator (optional), pen and paper (optional),4 cents and 1 cent coin that has been cut in half.

step1: Tell your victim to write down a number on the piece of paper but the number must not have a zero it must be double digited and must be between 1-100.

step2: Once he/she wrote there number tell them you will make a prediction with coins.

step3: Pick take some coins from your pocket.

step4: Tell the person to ad the 2 didgets in there number together then subtract it from the original number next ad the 2 numbers in the answer together and divide by 2 eg:45, 4+5=9, 45-9=36, 3+6=9, 9/2=4.5

Nov 05

PIN Number Prediction Revealed

Posted by Zuugician in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism


Imagine knowing something that would normally be impossible to know. For example you might want to reveal someone’s surname, even though you never met them before. You might want to know what their best friend’s hamster is called. Whatever it is, this Prediction effect will allow you to do so. In this case we will reveal the PIN number of a person’s bank account.

Basic Effect
You ask to borrow a pen and pencil from the subject. You confirm with them that they have a PIN number for their bank and that there is no way you could possibly know it. You write down a 4 digit number and return them the pencil. You ask them your pin number and it matches what you have written on the paper.


Feb 07

George Washington Prediction

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , Mentalism , CloseUp


George Washington... a psychic, too?


Show your friend a dollar bill and tell her to look at the serial number and to concentrate on just one of the numbers.

Tell her that George Washington wasn't just the first President of the United States, but he was also a psychic!

Ask her what the number was and after she tells you, you show her your prediction - one that was already written on the dollar bill before you began! Carry this one in your wallet. It's a good one to do anytime!

Jan 17

The Premier Book Test Tutorial

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Mentalism


The beauty of this test is, that throughout the experiment, the performer apparently does nothing whatever, and TOUCHES NOTHING USED IN THE TEST. The material used can be thoroughly examined after the experiment is finished. There is the advantage of being able to use ANY MAGAZINE OR BOOK DESIRED. The cards used are an ordinary pack of cards. There are several subtleties used which are practically unknown to magic previously.

The first requires but a slight arrangement of the DECK VALUES only--with no attention being paid to the SUITS. This is so that any TWO Cards taken TOGETHER from ANYWHERE WITHIN the pack, will total, when the values are added--either 14 or 15.

Dec 18

Telephone Riddle - Mental Calculation

Posted by franklin in Tutorial , Mentalism


This is rock bottom for simplicity and that is what I work for always. There is no name code and you are always ready with the simplest mental calculation. In my case, the following table is pasted on the wall just over the telephone at home. Weeks go by at a time without working it and then suddenly a call is put in with no warning at all and still I can sit pretty.

Nov 14

The Telephone Bullet Catch - Mentalism Tutorial

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Mentalism


Call someone on the phone. Ask him to take out five of his business cards. He is to turn them blank side up and place them in a horizontal row. He is then asked to draw a sketch of a bullet on any one of the cards. Allow him to exchange the bullet card with any other card in the row. He has a completely free choice.

"We have started out by giving you a completely free selection as to which position the bullet card is in. Only you, and you alone know how far from the left side of the row the bullet card is. This is your lucky number and you are to remember it."

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