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Nov 04

Psychic Memory Free Tutorial!

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Performance , Mentalism , CloseUp , Card


The effect:

The magician riffles through the entire deck in a fraction of a second and looks at all the cards. A tells everyone that he now knows the order of every card in the deck! The first card is easy as everyone can see it, so says, 3 of diamonds. The deck is then put behind his back and the front card is put to the back and the deck is brought back out facing the audience. The new front card is correctly predicted. Again the cards are put behind the magicians back and the front card put to the back, brought out and correctly identified. The magician repeats this until everyone is satisfied that he knows the entire deck!


Nov 04

Heart Ripper - Performed by Criss Angel Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , Illusion



The magician stands behind his assistant and proceeds to shove his hand through the assistant’s stomach, jerking out the assistants organs in the process.

The magician then pulls his hand out of the assistant’s stomach, revealing it with no wounds or marks of any kind.

Sep 30

David Copperfield Flying Rose Revealed

Posted by star in Tutorial , Performance , Levitation , Illusion


The Effect:

So, in this trick David did his best and proved to be a real man. He chose the most beautiful girl from the audience. She was simply gorgeous wearing tight shorts. The only thing that was fishy about her was that nice modest smile which stayed on her face till the end of the trick, and a very strange cold look in her eyes. She kept senselessly staring into the emptiness behind the cameras.

However, the trick turned out to be a blast! David took his handkerchief (facial tissue)  out... valid for one occasion only... not very fresh, and gave it to his new girlfriend, so she could check it for any special devices. The girl carefully wiped it with her fingers and gave it back. And then came the trick itself. The folded facial tissue began to move in David's hands: it jumped up, turned over and stayed up in the air. This joyous scene was very touchy and it was sad when the time for fullfilling the clauses of the deal, signed by David and a big lighter company, came. What have you expected? Everyone is trying very hard to make money and David is not an exception.

Aug 19

Coin Matrix Performance & Tutorial

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Performance , Coin


Coin Matrix Performance & Tutorial from http://magic-for-everyone.com.

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