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Jun 29

Wheres The Spectators Card?

Posted by: ChelseaF.Crule

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Effect: You have a spectator call out a random card such as the King of clubs  it would be the 5th card.

Tutorial: The set up is called the si stebbins (I think)You have to prepare the deck. How you do this is start with the Ace of clubs and add three to get to 4 and after clubs comes hearts. After hearts it's spades then Diamonds. You add three every time and then the suit. You do this for the whole deck.

Then theres the magic. To find out what number the card is at glance at the bottom card and count back in threes till you het to the same suit as the chosen card. Then take away the spectators card from the card from the same suit as theres. If it goes in to negative numbers then add 13. Next what ever the result is you times it by 4. Then if the card you took the spectators amount from was the third card from the bottom then you would subtract 3 from the total when you multiplied it by 4. Then that should be the position of the spectators card.

Example 8 of diamonds. The bottom card would be the Jack of diamonds which is eleven. So you do eleven take 8 which is 3 multiplied by 4 is 12 so the eight of diamonds would be the 12th card.

The best thing about this trick is it is totally undetectable. Enjoy. And please subscribe, Add comments on my first blog. Hopefully you liked it.

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