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Nov 28

Vanishing a Coin with the Aid of a Handkerchief

Posted by: Zisco

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Here is an oldie, the method of which can be used to vanish not only a coin but any other small article as well.

Spread a handkerchief over the palm up left hand so one corner will lie on the forearm. Show a half dollar in the right hand, then place it between the thumb and first and second fingers of the left hand, holding it vertically through the cloth, Fig. 1.

With the right thumb and forefinger, pick up the inner corner of the handkerchief and bring it forward over the coin, then turn the left hand palm downward so the handkerchief hangs down over the coin. Make some remark about showing the coin again as you return the hands to their former positions. The coin is again seen as in Fig. 1.



The right hand brings the inner corner over the coin once more and as the left hand turns over it releases the coin which falls onto the cupped right fingers, the handkerchief hiding this action from the audience, Fig. 2.

The left hand pretends to hold the coin through the center of the handkerchief. Bring your fight hand up with its palm toward the spectators, the forefinger pointing upward and the second, third, and fourth fingers curled slightly to conceal the coin from their view, Fig. 3. (This subtle concealment, when sparingly used, serves as a real convincer and can be used to good effect in many other tricks.) The right hand is brought up in this position as you caution the spectators to "Watch."

Grasp one corner of the handkerchief with the right hand and release your grip on its corner with the other hand. The handkerchief floats down and hangs by one corner from the right hand. Done properly, this is a very pretty effect because the spectators expect the coin to fall to the floor. Immediately flick the handkerchief with the right hand and show the left hand empty. Grasp an opposite corner with the left hand, spread it out between the hands and show both sides of the handkerchief. The coin has vanished!



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