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Dec 29

Pencil Thru Bill Trick Revealed

Posted by: Peter

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Effect: Take a dollar bill, fold in in half and fold down another side. Cover the bill slightly with a small piece of paper.

Then, you take a pencil and push it between the two halves of the bill (see photo above), pushing the pencil totally through the bill and the paper!

This is a truly amazing illusion that is easy to do and entertains everyone!

What You Need:

  • A dollar bill or whatever you have. (I used an American $20 for this trick.)
  • A sharp knife - kids, get your parent's permission befor doing this.
  • A sharp pencil.
  • A small piece of paper about 3 inches by 4 inches.

The Preparation:
Make a small slit in the bill. (I have colored it with pencil so you can see it)


Then, fold the bill in half. Crease it.



Next, fold down one side of the bill like this:



Now, fold the piece of paper in half and crease it:


The Method & Performance:


Note: These views are from perspective.

Place the bill inside the piece of paper. The creases are, of course, on the same side:


Fold down the top quarter of the bill:


Place the pencil inside the bill, but...



Now, just PUSH the pencil and it will penetrate the paper. It will look like it's also penetrating the bill.


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James Steerforth
james , December 30, 2008
Zakon fyrom macedonia
Coci , December 30, 2008

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