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Feb 25

A drink for 4 and a half cents

Posted by guiler in Tutorial , Mentalism , Math Magic


hello everyone I am Ben Guilfoyle and I have a fairly easy mentalism effect and I hope you enjoy it.

Items:victim, calculator (optional), pen and paper (optional),4 cents and 1 cent coin that has been cut in half.

step1: Tell your victim to write down a number on the piece of paper but the number must not have a zero it must be double digited and must be between 1-100.

step2: Once he/she wrote there number tell them you will make a prediction with coins.

step3: Pick take some coins from your pocket.

step4: Tell the person to ad the 2 didgets in there number together then subtract it from the original number next ad the 2 numbers in the answer together and divide by 2 eg:45, 4+5=9, 45-9=36, 3+6=9, 9/2=4.5

Nov 07

The Trick That Fooled Einstein

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Math Magic , Card


This trick was performed by magician Al Koran, who used it in an act while mathematical genius Albert Einstein was in the audience. After the show, Einstein invited Al Koran to his table and had him repeat the effect, it fooled him again! Koran then commented, "It’s not the numbers - but the words that fooled you."

Discover the secret below!


Oct 21

Derren Brown's Magic Square Revealed

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Mentalism , Math Magic , General


The Effect:
A spectator gives you a random number and you're instantly able to create a magic square of numbers in which all rows, columns, diagonals and corners total his chosen number.

The Secrets:
This looks absolutely mind blowing when performed well but is technically easy to achieve.

The diagram below shows the basic framework for the square:

Sep 30

Math Age Trick

Posted by Bruce in Math Magic


Do you really want to know your granny's age?

...this is a sneaky way to find out!!

Just follow these simple instructions:

Sep 24

Mathomatics Revealed

Posted by momo in Math Magic


Mathematical discovery

The Effect:

  • Ask a person to choose a card. Tell him to remember it's numerical value (ace = one, jack- = 11, queen = 12, king = 13) ---also the suit of the card.
  • Tell them to double the value of the card
  • Then tell them to add three to the total
  • Then tell them to multiply the complete total by five
  • This done ask them to concentrate on the suit
  • If the card is a diamond they must add one
  • If the card is a club they must add two
  • If the card is a heart they must add three
  • If the card is a spade they must add four

They must then tell you the final total. From it you immediately know the chosen card!

Sep 14

Dice Dynamics - Math Magic

Posted by Bruce in Math Magic



This is an amazing way to work out what numbers are on two dice. Ask your friends (or other victim) to roll two dice, but not let you see what numbers come up.

Then ask them to do the following:

Sep 14

3 Digit - Math Tricks

Posted by Bruce in Math Magic


For this piece of magic you need a pretty clever audiences who is good at taking away (or can use a calculator).

Ask them to work this sum out:

  1. Write down a three digit number where all the digits are different.
    eg 317
  2. Reverse the digits eg 713
  3. Take the smaller number from the larger number
    -----  -
  4. Ask them to tell you the hundreds digit or the units digit and you will be able to tell them the whole answer without knowing what numbers they chose!


Sep 11

Math Square Numbers

Posted by Bruce in Tutorial , Math Magic


Have you seen those square Easter eggs I got one and it was delicious!

This magical maths trick involves square numbers. Remember, you get a square number by multiplying a number by itself. For example 6 x 6 = 36. 36 is a square number.

There is an amazingly quick way of squaring a two digit number which ends in 5. All you have to do is multiply the first digit by the number one more than it, and then put a 25 on the end of your answer.

Aug 30

The Number 1089

Posted by Bruce in Math Magic

Have you ever heard the number 1089? No, then learn this mathemagic 1089 to amaze your friends!

  1. Ask a spectator to put a three digit number into the calculator (They have to put the digits in descending order, like 741 or 942).
  2. Press the subtraction key.
  3. Then enter the same number in reverse order eg 147 or 249.
  4. Press the equals key.
  5. Keep the answer on the display. Remember it and mentally reverse the answer.
  6. Press the add key.
  7. Enter the three digit number which you reversed.
  8. Press the equals sign.
  9. Your answer will be 1089.

Let's try it:

For example your friend choose the number: 753.

753 - 357 = 396

396 + 693 = 1089


If you really want to impress people, put a piece of paper with 1089 on it in a sealed envelope and open it after the trick!