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Feb 26

Crushing a coin with 2 fingers

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , General , Coin , CloseUp , Bar Tricks



Borrow a quarter from a spectator. Next place it between you thumb and first finger. In plain sight of the spectator the whole time, you start to bend the quarter. You bend it so far that the coin is folded in half.

Click here to get the explanation.

Feb 14

Cigarette magic explained

Posted by rhmagic in Street Magic , Performance , Levitation , CloseUp , Bar Tricks


The Anti-Gravity Cigarette.

A cigarette is laid on the table so that about two-thirds of it protrudes over the edge. Yet the cigarette does not fall.

There are two methods of performing this trick. The first requires a prepared cigarette. A bit of metal is hidden in one end of the cigarette, and as that end is much heavier than the other, the cigarette can easily be set so that it apparently overbalances the table edge.

Feb 14

Thumb Tip Secrets

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , Misc , CloseUp


Armed with a thumb tip and the knowledge to use it, your opportunities for performing magic tricks are nearly limitless.

You can perform impromptu tricks such as:

  • The cigarette Vanish
  • The salt trick
  • Coin Vanishes
  • The disappearing silk
  • An Even Sweeter Seal (coin into sugar pack illusion) One of my own tricks I came up with for use of the thumb tip.
  • The bill switch
  • Smokin Another one of mine.

You can check out more thumb tip tricks at RHMAGIC.COM

Jan 29

Magic can make us smile....

Posted by magictawau in Tutorial , Street Magic , General

Nothing impossible, magic can make us smile. Throughout, i was as a magician, many cheerful face i already see. A smile is not an act but it is from sincerely of heart.Magic can make us laugh, especially child. Magic synonym with child. The child make my magic more cheerful.M aking spectator consoled its important for all magician. If magician failed to comfort the spectator, its means the magician was failed. Spectator smile its the key to be a glory for all magician in the world...that its a truly magic for a magician....

"Twist Arm" its my succesfull performing because i making a smile to a spectator face...
 Magic can make us smile...
Dec 29

Pencil Thru Bill Trick Revealed

Posted by Peter in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp




Dec 23

Jumping Ring Tricks Revealed

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


How this exciting powerful free magic trick looks to the audience:

The magician holds a rope between his hands. There are three knots tied on it, and on the center knot is tied to a wire hanger. The magician says a magic word and FLASH, right before everyone's eyes, the hanger jumps from the center knot to the right knot!

Dec 08

Invisible Deck Secret!

Posted by Bruce in Tutorial , Street Magic , Card



A magician asks a person to think of a card. He then acts like he has an invisible deck of cards. The spectator removes his card and turns it over. The Magician then pulls out a deck of REAL cards. He asks what the card was. The magician then opens the deck and fans the cards. Only one card is upside down. The chosen card.


Dec 08

David Blaine Trick - How To Make a Nail Writer

Posted by Bruce in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism



The magician asks for a person to think in a number of 3 digits. After the person thinks of a number, the magician writes in a paper block the number that she thought. The number that she thought is the same as it is written in the block.

This trick has an excellent effect.

Nov 12

Palm Penetration Free Tutorial

Posted by franklin in Street Magic , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect:

You ask the spectator to hold out his or her hand palm up. You in turn place your hand on top of theirs, palm down. With your other free hand, you place a quarter or other coin on top of your hand and explain to the spectator that with one quick slap of the coin, you will make it pass through your hand and into theirs!


Nov 05

Four Aces Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Card


The Effect:

The magician cuts the deck in half, and gives you half and keeps the other for him self. You are then asked to follow every move. Both put the deck behind your backs. Both select any card from your decks and swap them with the other with out looking at them, you then both place the swapped cards face up any where in your decks. You then repeat this selecting, swapping and placing routine one more time. The two halves are brought back together and spread across the table to reveal that all four aces have been selected and can be seen face up in the deck.


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