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Apr 19

Pencil Through Bill Revealed

Posted by chung in Tutorial , CloseUp



A pencil and bill are borrowed. Nothing is added or taken away. The bill is folded in half. The pencil is put inside the bill. The bill is casually shown on both sides showing the pencil inside. He takes the bill in his left hand, and with his right hand, he grabs the pencil. He spread the bill into a V shape and uses the pencil as a magic saw. It slowly melts through the center of the bill. The bill is snapped open, to show no tears or slits. Everything is examined and given back to the spectator.


Apr 19

Invisible Deck Revealed

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Mentalism , Card


The Effect:

The magician approaches a passer-by and asks that they hold a pack of cards and to merely think of any card that is in the pack.

"Are you thinking of one ?" - "Not the Ace of Spades ! " - "Think of another ."

"OK - got one ? - Yes ? - OK, I want you to visualise your card turning around, can you do that ?"

"What's the name of your card ?"

The spectators announces his 'Thought card' - "The 5 of Diamonds".

Mar 28

Tattoo Joe by Joe Russel Revealed

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , CloseUp


The Performance:



Mar 18

Criss Angel - Shadow Touch Revealed

Posted by Zuugician in Tutorial , Street Magic




Mar 18

Criss Angel - Palm Sight Revealed

Posted by Zuugician in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism


EFFECT: The magician asks a spectator to name the first letter of someone's name who is close to him. The magician then tells the spectator to grab the magician's hand, and to squeeze it tightly as he concentrates on his letter. The magician then instructs the spectator to release his hand. As the spectator stares at the red marks left on the magician's hand, the marks slowly begin to morph into the letter the spectator was thinking of.

Feb 26

Crushing a coin with 2 fingers

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , General , Coin , CloseUp , Bar Tricks



Borrow a quarter from a spectator. Next place it between you thumb and first finger. In plain sight of the spectator the whole time, you start to bend the quarter. You bend it so far that the coin is folded in half.

Click here to get the explanation.

Feb 18

David Copperfield Laser Illusion Revealed

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Illusion


Did you ever want to be David Copperfield and cut yourself in half and walk down the street and scare people? Well, now you can at a fraction of the cost. (And time to build the illusion) Give someone a laser pen and ask if they saw the Copperfield special. You did? I can do that. Pick up a board "for protection" and hand someone a laser pen and turn it on. Ask them to slice you across the waist to be careful not to hit anyone else. The laser cuts through you and the board and the audience slowly sees your top half SLIDE OFF OF THE BOTTOM HALF!


Watch the tutorial of Laser Illusion:

Feb 14

Thumb Tip Secrets

Posted by rhmagic in Tutorial , Street Magic , Performance , Misc , CloseUp


Armed with a thumb tip and the knowledge to use it, your opportunities for performing magic tricks are nearly limitless.

You can perform impromptu tricks such as:

  • The cigarette Vanish
  • The salt trick
  • Coin Vanishes
  • The disappearing silk
  • An Even Sweeter Seal (coin into sugar pack illusion) One of my own tricks I came up with for use of the thumb tip.
  • The bill switch
  • Smokin Another one of mine.

You can check out more thumb tip tricks at RHMAGIC.COM

Jan 30

String Them Along

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , CloseUp



A piece of string is cut in half - two of the ends are crossed over one another and a borrowed ring is placed over the crossed ends. - The crossed ends with the ring are given to a spectator to hold in their clenched fist and when you (the magician) pull on the other ends of the string, it magically melts into one single piece of string again, - with the ring securely threaded on to it.

The Secret method:

Jan 29

Magic can make us smile....

Posted by magictawau in Tutorial , Street Magic , General

Nothing impossible, magic can make us smile. Throughout, i was as a magician, many cheerful face i already see. A smile is not an act but it is from sincerely of heart.Magic can make us laugh, especially child. Magic synonym with child. The child make my magic more cheerful.M aking spectator consoled its important for all magician. If magician failed to comfort the spectator, its means the magician was failed. Spectator smile its the key to be a glory for all magician in the world...that its a truly magic for a magician....

"Twist Arm" its my succesfull performing because i making a smile to a spectator face...
 Magic can make us smile...
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