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Feb 15

Brave to be a performed

Posted by magictawau in General

Magic performance can be perfect if your brave to perform. If you scared, be wary and afraid, your magic perform can be in disorder. On the strengh of my exprience, i can scraped to be wary and afraid be face with spectator. I admit, its to hard perform with many spectator. Not every one can performance like me. Before your perform your magic, you examined your magic prop. Try and test every magic kit. Make your performance happy and cheerful. Communicated with spectator with smile and joke. This can make you certain your performed. Braveness eclipsed everything.
Jan 29

Magic can make us smile....

Posted by magictawau in Tutorial , Street Magic , General

Nothing impossible, magic can make us smile. Throughout, i was as a magician, many cheerful face i already see. A smile is not an act but it is from sincerely of heart.Magic can make us laugh, especially child. Magic synonym with child. The child make my magic more cheerful.M aking spectator consoled its important for all magician. If magician failed to comfort the spectator, its means the magician was failed. Spectator smile its the key to be a glory for all magician in the world...that its a truly magic for a magician....

"Twist Arm" its my succesfull performing because i making a smile to a spectator face...
 Magic can make us smile...